Friday, January 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!

We're all home! Avery got discharged around eleven today. She has to be on an oral antibiotic for 10 days and has to follow up with her pediatrician next Wednesday. She will eventually have to have a VCUG to test for kidney reflux. We've got our fingers and toes crossed that goes well!
All four still have the snots and coughs, we're just keeping a really close eye on them. Gunner has a sore on his hand from where the IV was, which with the tape, gauze, etc. became his teething ring. We've got to watch that as well to make sure he doesn't continue to break down the skin which could lead to more problems!
Please continue to keep us in your prayers and take a close look at my blog roll to the right, there are A LOT of sick babies, moms and dads right now who need your prayers as well.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bakery Update

Here's a quick update on the Cupcakes and the Muffins:

The Tubre Quads Update is as follows:
Emma, Tyger and Cullen have double ear infections and RSV. Abbey is clean and clear. The boys are in the hospital with no oxygen but are receiving breathing treatments. All four are on Rocephin shots daily for 3 days.

Gunnery and Avery were admitted on Tuesday night - No RSV, No flu. Gunner is being discharged today. Avery is staying due to bacterial growth in her urine.
Cannon and Lauren are doing better and are getting to hang out at home.

Please keep the Muffins and the Cupcakes in your prayers.

Andrea (for Sandra and Jac)

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The babies are all sick again! It seems to be never ending! We are CRAZY people when it comes to germs to the point that Hannah Noelle gags at the thought of eating without washing her hands! And will tell you, don't come crying to me if you get sick, daddy, I told you not to eat after me.
It came without any warning! They went to bed fat and happy last night. When I woke up at 6 I asked Andrea how the night went (it was her night.) She said it was great, but someone coughed a good bit. She said every time she got up to see who it was Cannon was the only one moving so she assumed it was him. I laid in the bed for the next hour or so while they were waking up and I heard a cough, I said, oh, that's Lauren. Then another cough, oh crap, that's Avery. Another cough, Cannon. And then the deepest yuckiest cough, Gunner. I began to get them up for their 8:00 bottle and felt each head (you know, I have a thermometer installed in my cheek and it can automatically tell whether they're running a fever!) all felt fine. They are all sneezing, snotting, coughing yet eating, smiling, interacting. We're going to up Saline, up breathing treatments and see where that takes us. We talked with our Pedi and it seems there is a LOT of the flu going around down here so we're safer not going to the doctor unless we spike a fever! I AGREE! I don't want to load them up, drive 30 minutes, unload them, be told they have a cold and then reload them only for them to gain the flu from a doctor's office! Needless to say, please add us back on your prayer list!!
UPDATE: After posting I read through my blog roll and it sounds like everyone has at least one, if not four sick babies! So, when you add my crew to the bunch, add everyone else's too!! Sending well wishes to everyone!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

What's the word again....

Well, after having to scroll through my Blog Roll to the BOTTOM because Moni hasn't posted in 6 days, I found her blog, went to an old post, re-read the comments and the word for the day is, in Jac's phrase, leverage!!
I am going to leverage a little bit from Jenna's post and a little bit from The Carlson's post.
We had our 5 Month check up and Synagis shots today! And I know a lot of the blog readers are from the North, but in Mississippi it doesn't get cold and 29 to us is like freezing, cancel school, shut down the airport, we just don't know what to do! Well, it was 29 this morning as I loaded the Fab 4 in the mini! (Come on Jenna, you gotta go big!!) I let them wear their sweet little footy pajamas because I just couldn't bear to put them in something cutsie that wasn't as warm, wrapped them in a blanket and covered them with another that my mom made. (Thanks, Me-Mom) Needless to say, they were sweating by the time we made it to the doctor's office 30 minutes away. Mrs. Brenda a/k/a wonder woman met me and the babies there and helped us in the back door along with a few nurses who dropped everything and came out to help! (THANKS!!) We were able to get them all in the buff, get them weighed, assessed and then the dreaded shots!!! Lauren, I told you she was smart, started crying as soon as she saw Nurse Alberta, the one that always gives them their shots! It cracked me up that she remembered her! So, here's the weights, dimensions, calibrations, etc.....

Cannon (Receiving the Silver Medal in ALL Categories)

Weight: 13 pounds, 1 ounce
Length: 24 inches
HC: 16.5

Gunner (Receiving the Gold medal in ALL Categories)
Weight: 15 pounds, 12 ounces
Height: 25 inches
HC: 16.75

Lauren (Receiving one Participation Ribbon, one Bronze Medal,
and still fighting over the other Bronze)
Weight: 10 pounds, 5 ounces
Height: 22 1/4 inches
HC: 15.75

Avery (Receiving one Bronze Medal, one Participation Ribbon
and still fighting over the other Bronze)
Weight: 10 pounds, 12 ounces
Height: 22 inches
HC: 15.75

Now, for some of HN's
5 month pictures!
Baby Dedication

Going back for Surgery
(Thank Goodness Aunt Valerie was her Scrub Nurse!)

Giving herself one of the 6 treatments she got a day!
(Look how BALD!!!)

The girls sleeping!
Look at the opposite way their hands are!
(For the record: They roll themselves over onto their bellies,
I do not place them on their bellies to sleep!)

The boys sleeping!
The HAVE to touch each other!!

Check out the Questions on the Right of the Blog!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A Few Facts

Cannon LOVES to talk to you!!
He carries on a conversation with you in Baby Language!!
He's coming around to other people, but he LOVES his mommy!

Gunner is generally always happy!!

He has the most adorable gruff laugh and he will laugh at himself
sometimes just to hear himself laugh!!

Lauren is by far the sweetest!!

She always smiles and never takes her eyes off of you!
She's constantly trying to figure everything out.
She wouldn't smile for the camera because she was too busy trying to
figure out what it was, how it worked.....
She's going to be the brains of the family!!

Avery can go from Happy to SCREAMING in 2.2 seconds!!

She always has this I'm not so sure about you look!!
She's going to need LOTS of products for her hair!

Hannah Noelle is the hardest to get to sleep, but once she's out, she's out!! These pictures (which she'll hate when she's older!) were taken after I got her up around 2 am to go potty because I knew she had entirely too much to drink that night and didn't want an accident!! She left the bathroom and said, night, mommy! I went to check the bed, she wasn't there. I started frantically looking and found her asleep on the steps leading up to the bed! How Sweet!!

Monday, January 12, 2009

So, I'm one of those....

E-Bayers that if I'm sitting in front of my computer watching the last five minutes of the sale I'll end up bidding WAY more than I originally planned to because I can't stand to be outbid!! Having said, that, WE CAN'T WON'T (I learned how to do it!) let JEN lose!!! We just can't!! A quad mom not win the Best Parenting Blog, what kind of world would this be?!? I'm sure the other contestants blogs are great, but you all know her's is AWESOME!! Last night she was ahead by 14 votes and now she's falling behind again. Click on the link from my last post, go to the site and click on 4tunate. Like I said earlier, you don't have to register, take a survey, just click and you're done, well at least for 24 hours. After 24 hours, go back and vote again! We're at the countdown stage. Call your friends, tell them to read her blog, they too will agree, she deserves it!! Again..... Let's Help Jen Win!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let's Help Jen Win!!!

Polls close Tuesday January 13, 2009 at 10:00 p.m. Greenwich Mean Time (GMT), which is 5:00 p.m. (EST) and 2:00 p.m. (PST).
You can vote once every 24 hours! She's only .1 percent away from coming in first right now. If we all vote today, tomorrow and Tuesday morning, we'll have a Quad Winner!!

2008 Best Parenting Blog

You don't have to register or take any surveys, just click on 4tunate and you've done it!!!

Now for a few questions.....
How do I do the word strike through?
Any ideas on reusing the gallon bottles of Nursery Water and Distilled Water I go through daily?
Any ideas on reusing baby food jars and formula cans?
I hate just throwing all this away!!

Update... Moni, I'm fixing to try succeed!!!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Drumroll Please....... Part Three

I think we may be turning the corner! After two rounds of Rocephin and oral antibiotics, breathing treatments and oral steroids, I THINK Cannon and Lauren are getting better. Gunner and Avery show signs of getting sick, but we're praying they're just teasing us! We go in tomorrow to have them all checked out and hopefully we'll get a clean bill of health! We go Friday for our monthly Synagis shot, so their poor little legs are praying no shots tomorrow!! Thanks so much for all of your prayers! Hopefully, this will be the last Drumroll Post!!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Drumroll Please....... Part Two

Just wanted to update everyone on the babies!
Thanks for all of your prayers and well wishes. At the doctor today we got good and bad news. Lauren is not doing much better, but Cannon is doing a little better. Both got Rocephin Shots today :( so we're hoping that they feel much better tomorrow! They both lost weight, so we HAVE to have not lost anymore by tomorrow's visit or I'm afraid of where she'll send us. Notice I'm not using the word that starts with h, ends in l and has ospita in the middle of it!! The Good News is Avery's PDA has closed!!! We have four healthy hearts, no surgeries needed!! WHEW!! On top of everything Gunner's tooth is giving him fits! I can only imagine when all four are teething!! Also, we are taking baby steps toward being Apnea Monitor free!! We are using them only during sleeping times now, which is SO much easier! We even went to the doctor today without them on. We're hoping to be monitor free by February 18th, their 6 month birthday, except for maybe Lauren.
Another thanks to everyone that has helped me the last two days with the babies. It takes a small army to get all four (counting HN, five) to the doctor, one for an x-ray, one for an echo, one to dance, etc. etc....

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Drumroll Please.......

The new weights and lengths are...
Cannon - 12 pounds, 12 ounces, 23 1/2 inches
Gunner - 15 pounds, 1 ounces, 23 inches
Lauren - 10 pounds, 21 1/2 inches
Avery - 10 pounds, 12 ounces, 21 inches

Hannah Noelle - 40 pounds, 42 inches

Wow' it's crazy how much they've grown!!

Please keep Lauren and Cannon in your prayers! Cannon has "the weakest lungs" of the bunch and is having some issues this week and Lauren is doing her best fighting it off!! I don't know that I have the sanity for another hospital admission any time in the near future so please, please when you are saying your prayers tonight for the Sather Family, the King Quads, the Crisanti Quads and Suzy's Quads and all the other millions of bazillions that need our prayers, please send one up for us!

Also, the countdown is on!! If you have DishNetwork, you can already DVR America's Funniest Home Videos! The Graf Quads are going to be a BIG hit January 11th at 6 pm!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

And the winner is.....

Is it Me says the Can-Man with the I'm not so sure about you face?Is it Me says the Gun-Man with the spiked doo?Is it Me says Laura-Laur with the You can't resist me face?Is it Me says Avery with the, yeah, I've got Baby Acne, what's it to ya, face?Still don't know??? The next picture is a hint!!It's one of us!!!........
It's ME says Gunna!!!!!

Thanks to everyone for playing along!!
We had 92 votes! I didn't even know 92 people read my blog!!
We have another FIRST in the house, so stay tuned for the next Poll!!
Love, Sandra, Matt, Hannah Noelle, Cannon, The Not So Happy Gunner, Lauren and Avery!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

We Have a Tooth!!!

Holy Cow, time sure flies!! Seems like yesterday we had babies, now we have a tooth!! Can you guess which Hunk or Hunkess of burning love has a Chunk O' Ivory? Test your luck at the poll to your right. It started two days ago with a little irritability, I ignored it. Then a little temperature, I ignored it. Lots of drooling, I made fun of him/her. Didn't sleep during nap, I was concerned. Then a beautiful smile and a -- Matt, come here, what's that? Well, it's a tooth, just the little edge, but enough to cause some mayhem! Well, I didn't have any Baby Orajel, sure didn't think I'd need it this soon, so we had to run down the road to a friend's house, borrow some to get us through the night until a Wal-Mart trip tomorrow!!
If you already know which Muffin it is, please don't spoil it for everyone else in the comment section!!!
Love ~ The Cochran Crew!!!!