Wednesday, April 28, 2010

2 Minutes Later, Gunner Cole

First Came Mommy and Daddy
Next…. Hannah Noelle
3 1/2 Years Later, Cannon
2 Minutes Later, Gunner ColeIMG_5260 copy IMG_5229 copy IMG_5245 copy One Minute Later, Lauren Kathryn

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

3 1/2 Years Later, Cannon

First Came Mommy and Daddy
Next…. Hannah Noelle
3 1/2 Years Later, Cannon IMG_5111 IMG_5212 copy IMG_5213 copy IMG_5226 copy 2 Minutes Later, Gunner Cole

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Next…. Hannah Noelle

First Came Mommy and Daddy
Next…. Hannah NoelleIMG_5234 copyIMG_5374 copyIMG_5250 copy2 IMG_5369 copy

3 1/2 years later, Cannon

First Came Mommy and Daddy

I got my pictures in this week from
Leighann Scarbrough Photography

There were so many I couldn’t pick favorites and
they were so wonderful that I didn’t want to put them in
collages so that they would be hard to see!
Hope you enjoy this week’s series of pictures!IMG_5343 copy IMG_5269 copy IMG_5275 copy IMG_5276 copy IMG_5279 copy IMG_5282 copy IMG_5283 copy Then we had to take some cute pics in our super cute
Super Mom and Super Dad
shirts from Designed For Babies 

IMG_5360 copy IMG_5354 copy

Now, you know who comes next!!
Hannah Noelle’s pictures will be up some
time Monday afternoon!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Water Park ~ Cochran Style

Sunday afternoon Daddy said, I need to head down to the field and water it a little bit, it’s so hot and dry and we have a home game Tuesday night (which on a side note, WE WON! MP 2010 Div. 7 5A District Champs.) 
I said, you grab the sunscreen, I’ll grab the kids and off we went.  5 bathing suits and at least one happy kiddo! We got to the field, lathered them in sunscreen, Daddy turned on the sprinkler system and we let them run wild.  We went to the Splash Pad last year and it was a complete flop so we weren’t expecting them to like this too much either, but when there is 90,000 square feet of fenced in area, we are so going to try!!!
Ballfield1- Ballfield2- Ballfield3- Ballfield4-

Hope you have a GREAT WEEK!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Try ‘em on for size

Thanks so much to everyone for the awesomely supportive comments on yesterday’s post! We decided not to use the backpacks at daddy’s game because we had one on one combat for the game (a/k/a an adult per child!)
I also second guessed myself because Misty and Jenna told me I needed to let them try them out first. 
Daddy gets to come home a little early on Wednesdays so we decided to let the kiddos try out their new furry friends for a while.  The tails (leash part) was not their favorite part, but at least we warmed them up to the backpack idea!BackPacks4 BackPacks5 BackPacks1  BackPacks3


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I’m on Their Side!

Before reading this post you may want to look at these posts.
Jenna Walker’s
Mary Kate’s
Yes, I’m joining the backpack harness crowd.
I used to hate these things, thought they were…. well, probably some of the same thoughts you are having right now.
Then I had 4 babies at one time and I only have two arms!
I must say too, that even if Cannon was an only child, I would have purchased him one, he’s wild, crazy and all boy. I wrestled with the decision, I mean, truly beat myself up about it until I took the kids to lunch yesterday by myself and Cannon wiggled out of my hand and made a beeline for the highway.  I will be independent and do things with my children on a daily basis to keep their social skills in check, staying at home all day every day is not healthy for anyone.  To do that, we must create the safest environment possible.  So, today I loaded up the babies and we went to Target (in their stroller) and I let them choose their animal buddy! Cannon, of course, chose the monkey and the other three wanted puppies! We will try them out tonight at daddy’s ball game and see how they work for us!
But please, before you judge, make nasty comments or even stare at someone who has their child on a harness step in their shoes for a few minutes! 
Jenna’s post hit close to home on several aspects of how beneficial they are and can be so be sure to check her post out and leave her little Monkeys some love!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

John 16:24

AskGunner and you shall receive! Gunner2As you can see Gunner decided to climb out if his bed AGAIN.  So, it was time to install the Crib Tents for Cannon and Gunner. 
Hannah Noelle and I were in my bedroom folding clothes and she said, MOMMA, look at Gunner on the monitor.  (Yes, we are now the owners of a dual video monitor, thanks Me-Mom) I grabbed the monitor and there was Gunner climbing out of his crib onto the changing table.  I, of course, in great mommy fashion, snapped a picture of the monitor with my phone before running in there to “save” him.  As I slung the door open, he dove in Cannon’s bed, which made Cannon scream bloody murder.  Gunner is referred to as Godzilla in our house.  When he walks towards any of his siblings, they run and hide, so for Cannon to have him in his bed, the poor dude was terrified! I put Gunner back in his bed and removed the changing table from the room until we were able to install the crib tents! 
We just laid them down for naps and they were not so excited to be caged in, but quickly got over it and went to sleep.  My babies love their sleep!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Daddy you are….

Dad and HN1

the one that helps us when the load gets too tough…Matt and Boys1the one that guides us when we’re lost…Matt and G1  and the one that makes us laugh as if no one is watching!

Happy Birthday (tomorrow) to the most awesome
husband, dad, best friend and soul mate!
Love, Mommy, Hannie,
Can-Man, Gunna-Boy, Laura-Laur and Bug-a-Rug