Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh Wee

There are two things that are very popular at our house right now.  One is the game of Hide and Seek, which is absolutely hilarious!
It was Cannon’s turn to hide. IMGP4743And if the legs sticking out from under the pillow didn’t let you know where he was… IMGP4744 The giggling from under the pillow would lead you straight to him!IMGP4746 And Gunner, well, he thinks covering his eyes makes him invisible!IMGP4747

The next super popular game is Oh, Wee… IMGP4741IMGP4738Cannon, give Lauren Oh Wee’s! IMGP4728Gunner, give Daddy Oh Wee’s! IMGP4730 Lauren, give Gunner Oh Wee’s! IMGP4736Cannon, give Avery Oh Wee’s! IMGP4740 Avery, give Gunner Oh Wee’s!

It’s so sweet watching the way they love each other!
Next is a series of pictures to show what a ham Avery is!
She is definitely 100% Diva!
First I said, Smile Bug!IMGP4726 Then I said, never mind, I’ll take someone else’s picture!
And she said, CHEESE! IMGP4732IMGP4734 IMGP4733
Hope you have a GREAT WEEK!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Clothing Optional

I am so excited for this summer! The babies LOVE to be outside and would stay out there all day if I would let them! co2 These items are on our shopping list with every Wal-Mart trip! And the babies’ faces light up when they see me grab the Little Swimmers and the Sun Block!IMGP4699Cannon is always the first in the pool! IMGP4701IMGP4702Avery LOVES to splash the water! IMGP4703Gunner is not a fan of being in the pool, but he loves to play close to it.
”Mom, what’s this red thingy for?”
IMGP4704Lauren always wants what someone else has!
”Her, Dunna, I’ll show you how it works!”
IMGP4708 IMGP4705 And Hannah Noelle loves to get in there and play with them!

We’ve also stocked up on these little gems!
strawTube_downI cut two tubes in half and each baby gets a half.  It’s just enough to cool them down, but not too much to get too melted and runny!IMGP4712”Mommy, are you sure these are good for my figure?” 
IMGP4709  “I will not look at you, I will not look at you,
I will not look at you!”
IMGP4710”Mom, the rules say you must wait 30 minutes after eating before returning to the pool!”
IMGP4711  “Who said everybody hates to eat and run?”

Hope you’re having a

Great Summer!

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kindergarten…. Here She Comes!

It seems like yesterday that I wrote this heart felt post!
And then, here we are today.. well, yesterday, that my baby graduated from Pre-K 4!
I was scared I would make a total idiot out of myself and cry like a baby, but somehow I managed to keep it all together!
The first part of graduation the kids got to dress up in what they wanted to be when they grew up and do a little speech.  Hannah Noelle, of course, wants to be a Saints Cheerleader.  She’s adamant that that is what she will be, even wants to go house looking in New Orleans for a house big enough for all of us to live in.  She also said she’d like to work part time at Subway because being a cheerleader “probably doesn’t pay very well!”
IMGP4629-1Her speech was….
I want to be a Saints Cheerleader and cheer for the black and gold, when my dreams come true, Drew Brees will be old.
I’ll stand on the sideline and shake my pompoms like that (imagine some furious pompom shaking) and when I say, Go Saints, you say, Who Dat!
(Enter toe touch with WoooHooo, Go Saints!) 
After that part I was sure I’d melt down, but then I saw this smile, and all the world seemed to stop!grad3 grad8










grad6grad7 I was so happy she got to graduate with one of her best friends that she met when she was 9 months old! She and Carson were buds back in the Nursery at the hospital, then were reunited when HN joined Caswell Springs Child Rarely did you see Hannah Noelle without Carson and Analeice.GradHannah Noelle, Carson and Analeice grad5   The graduation was AMAZING! I cannot thank the staff at CSCCC for the hand they have had in the raising of my daughter! I have no doubt she is going to Kindergarten prepared and ready! grad10grad9And before you ask, I have no idea what kind of pose
I was doing!  

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tu - be or not Tu - be

Yes, that would be another painful attempt of humor!
At 5 months old Hannah Noelle joined the Tube Club

In February the boys joined the Tube ClubIMGP4495 IMGP4535Yesterday, Lauren joined the Tube Club 22 And the outsider of the bunch, Avery, is chilling in the
Not Tube Club! Hopefully she’ll avoid the peer pressure to be like the others and stay in that club!IMGP4412 Lauren is doing great post surgery and we’re hoping to see a HUGE improvement in her!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Oh, The Games We Play

Sure, there are games we play with Hannah Noellepost1!post2







And there are games we play with the babies!post4 post3





But, there are still games we play as adults and parents.
(Moni, remove your mind from the gutter!)
post5Okay, you’re going to have to run with me here!
Be thinking the Game Show “Name That Tune”
Now, imagine 4 babies with ever so rotten diapers and two delirious parents and this is where our game began.
Sniff, sniff….. I can change that diaper with 5 wipes.post6No, that diaper will take at least 7 wipes. 
No, 6 at the most.
And then the count was on.
Now, if you’ve never watched the show, it makes absolutely no sense, but then again, if you’ve watched the show, it probably makes no sense either, it’s just something we do to pass the time! Over the course of the last week I can promise you that between Pae-Pae, myself and Matt we have changed more foulness than one household should ever have to experience.
I must also add that Matt and I sat in the bed last night discussing our game, how it was played, etc.  When we start making our own rules, I think we may need counseling! At the end of our conversation I giggled and he said, oh, I see a Blog Post coming, so here’s to you Matt, may you always be a Wipe Short!

Have a Great Week

I will try to quit blogging about our poo-tivities!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

How it went down!

Sunday Avery wanted some alone time, so she insisted on being brought to the hospital via ambulance! hosp6By Monday morning, Avery and Lauren decided they wanted to play together in the hospital!hsop4Tuesday they went home and told the boys that the hospital was fun, but the IVs were rough!
Gunner thought hard on the idea and decided he’d give the hospital a whirl! GHospAnd you know Cannon can’t go too long without his mommy, so he had to come visit too! hosp5Then at some point Thursday Avery must have bribed Lauren into getting sick again so that she would be the only one home! ghosp2By Friday night, my lap just WAS not big enough for Cannon and Lauren and I decided if they felt well enough to fight, they were well enough to go home! hosp2And on Saturday morning, Gunner was making hospital supplies toys, so we figured we’d let him come home and play with real toys! hosp3Hope you have a Happy and Poo Free Mother’s Day!

Sorry for the poor quality of the pictures, but a camera just wasn't on my hospital packing list so my phone had to make due!