Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I made a HUGE mistake!
 bottle These wonderful labels that were pictured in my Giveaway were not my waterproof labels, these were ones given to me as a shower gift from a local friend, Summerlyn Gwin. I had e-mailed Summer from the confines of my hospital bed last year, gave her some ideas and she took those and made them into those beautiful works of art! Summer Summer has a business called Memories Too that you can find on MemoriesToo.Com
She also has a Blog for her Photography  PhotoSummer has some beautiful designs
for Birth Announcements too! Hadley_copyMitchell_72dpi
  I honestly think there is nothing impossible with Summer.  She is an amazing designer, has some beautiful ideas, very creative, I could go on and on!

c2 c1


c4d1d2d4 d3d5d6

But my mistake is Your Gain!!
By Random Draw I will pick a winner for 20% off a Christmas Order or $15 off an order of $50 or more at MemoriesToo.Com. 
All you have to do is go to her Website and pick out your favorite design.  Leave me a comment telling me which one is your favorite!
Second Entry for following her Blog.
Third Entry for Blogging about her Blog.
Fourth Entry for Tweeting about her Blog.
Fifth Entry for Tweeting about this Giveaway!
Please enter a separate comment for each entry!  
(Thanks Summer for offering this!)
Again, I apologize for this HUGE mistake! 

Monday, July 27, 2009

March Of Dimes

One day... all babies will be born healthy.
Today... too many moms and families know the heartbreak of having a baby born fighting to survive.

Having the Muffins at 29 Weeks, 5 Days, which is 10 Weeks, 2 Days premature I am one of those moms that knows what it is like to watch her babies fight for their lives. That is something I do not wish on any other woman. It is truly the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

The money we raise for March for Babies will help:
- support all-important research offering preventions and solutions for babies born too soon or with birth defects.
- educate women on things they can do to increase their chances of having a healthy baby.
- provide comfort and information to families with a newborn in intensive care.
- push for newborn screening and health insurance for all pregnant women and children.

The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. We've made our pledge - Will you help?

The March of Dimes uses your money wisely: 77% of every dollar supports research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And your funds are used to bring comfort and information to families whose baby was born too soon, or sick.
I have added a link to the top left sidebar that you can donate from.
There are also other ways you can help and here’s a few:
Talk to your employer about doing Blue Jeans for Babies! Set a Friday before our walk on Saturday, September 26, 2009 and each employer pays $5 to wear jeans that day and all proceeds go directly to March of Dimes. (Please contact me via email if you are interested and need more information or need me to coordinate it with your company!)
If you are planning on walking and would like a shirt for/from our Team, email me! Walk with us, show your support for March of Dimes!
The shirts come in two colors, 1-orchidshirt



Prairie Dust
Where it says, Family Team, our shirts will say
The Cochran Crew.
Shirts come in sizes from Youth XS to Adult XXL.
We HAVE to place orders by September 1st to ensure they will arrive in time. All shirts must be paid in advance. You can either email me and I can send you a PayPal Invoice or you can mail me a check. The cost of the shirts are $10 for adults and $7 for children. Again, all proceeds will go directly to March of Dimes! We will meet up early the morning of the walk to pass them out or you can swing by before then, get some Baby Loving and pick up your shirts!
I’m also open to any and all Fundraising Suggestions/Ideas you have! Please let me know if you have some ideas or would like more info on how you can help!
IMG_0259Cannon Gregory
IMG_0225Gunner ColeIMG_0253Lauren KathrynIMG_0255Avery Caroline

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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

We’ve Had A Lot On Our Plates

And on the table And on the Floor
And on our Faces And on our Clothes
And on our Mommy!
I’m “one of those moms” that thinks clothes are made to be washed, tables and floors are made to be scrubbed! Messes are “okay” at our house. We have found that our children love to be independent and through us giving them a little more leeway at the table, it’s taught them and us A Lot!! We like to strip them down to their diapers, put them in what might be the best invention ever (the Quad Table) and give them their food and let them feed themselves! We’ve even been known to give them a spoon and “see what happens!” Brave or stupid? Well, maybe both!! They gotta learn somehow; right?
Here are some Watermelon Pictures
(De-seeded by Daddy, of course!)
Copy of IMGP2778Avery Caroline Copy of IMGP2779 Gunner ColeCopy of IMGP2780 Lauren KathrynCopy of IMGP2781 Cannon GregoryCopy of IMGP2782 Hmm, this thing is GOOD!Copy of IMGP2783 Yummy!!!Copy of IMGP2784 Aaahhh, yeah!Copy of IMGP2785Copy of IMGP2786 Dripping from G-Man’s Chin!!Copy of IMGP2787 Copy of IMGP2788 Copy of IMGP2789Copy of IMGP2791 Copy of IMGP2792Copy of IMGP2790 You can see the mess on the floor!
Notice there is none under Gunner’s seat!!!
Copy of IMGP2793

They’ve all become Sippy Cup Pros! We’re now down to only one bottle before bedtime, the rest are in sippies throughout the day! Woo-Hoo!!IMGP2798IMGP2795 IMGP2796 IMGP2797

I also made the mistake the other day of feeding
spinach with no bibs! Not a good idea!!!
(Yes, I’m the mean mom that makes my kids eat spinach!!
In my defense, they love it!)
IMGP2858 IMGP2859 IMGP2860 IMGP2861IMGP2862 And, yes, we do own bibs and we LOVE them, but sometimes a little juice running down your belly is a good thing!IMGP2863 IMGP2864 IMGP2865


IMGP2872 IMGP2868 IMGP2869IMGP2870 We’ve had a lot going on this summer and we’ve had some different people behind the camera, so here’s a few candid shots from some of our favorite helpers!!

IMGP2844 IMGP2832 IMGP2835 IMGP2839

IMGP2948 IMGP2827 No, folks, your eyes aren’t deceiving you!
That is me outside in the HEAT helping Matt lay sod!!!
The babies Loved watching us!!

We’ve had the opportunity to have Laken come every Tuesday and Thursday to help out with the babies and with Hannah Noelle. And then our neighbors, Casey and Courtney Duncan, are always available to lend a helping hand too! Thanks girls, I’m sure gonna miss you when school starts back!!
IMGP2932Casey and Avery!
IMGP2944Courtney and Cannon!
IMGP2939Laken and Avery!
(Gunner is secretly her main squeeze so I’m not sure how I ended up without a picture of her and Big Boy!!)

We are almost completely moved in, it’s happening slowly but surely! It will take months to remember where we put everything and even longer to make sure it keeps going back in the same place! The babies have adapted amazingly well to their new surroundings so that has made it so much easier for us!
We are now in Party Planning Mode! I can’t believe they are almost a year old! Thanks to a horrible virus that took my laptop to computer Heaven, I no longer have my address book. Yes, I know I should have printed it off at some time, just thought of that too little too late! Please know that we want anyone and everyone that has an interest in coming to the party to please come! Come see the babies, let us give you a big hug for helping us through this year!! We’re SO thankful to SO many people that have been there in SO many different ways! We do, however, have a party request, NO PRESENTS!!!!! Your support has been a gift in itself!! If you feel you have to bring a present( which you DON’T!) please do diapers, wipes, food, those type things! But again, your support has been the gift we needed the most!!
After the invitations are completed I will scan one in so you can see just how stinkin’ cute they are! Here’s a sneak peek at the pictures I used though!!
IMGP2707IMGP2690 IMGP2675IMGP2681

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