Monday, July 27, 2009

March Of Dimes

One day... all babies will be born healthy.
Today... too many moms and families know the heartbreak of having a baby born fighting to survive.

Having the Muffins at 29 Weeks, 5 Days, which is 10 Weeks, 2 Days premature I am one of those moms that knows what it is like to watch her babies fight for their lives. That is something I do not wish on any other woman. It is truly the hardest thing I have ever had to do.

The money we raise for March for Babies will help:
- support all-important research offering preventions and solutions for babies born too soon or with birth defects.
- educate women on things they can do to increase their chances of having a healthy baby.
- provide comfort and information to families with a newborn in intensive care.
- push for newborn screening and health insurance for all pregnant women and children.

The mission of March of Dimes is to improve the health of babies by preventing birth defects, premature birth, and infant mortality. We've made our pledge - Will you help?

The March of Dimes uses your money wisely: 77% of every dollar supports research and programs that help moms have full-term pregnancies and babies begin healthy lives. And your funds are used to bring comfort and information to families whose baby was born too soon, or sick.
I have added a link to the top left sidebar that you can donate from.
There are also other ways you can help and here’s a few:
Talk to your employer about doing Blue Jeans for Babies! Set a Friday before our walk on Saturday, September 26, 2009 and each employer pays $5 to wear jeans that day and all proceeds go directly to March of Dimes. (Please contact me via email if you are interested and need more information or need me to coordinate it with your company!)
If you are planning on walking and would like a shirt for/from our Team, email me! Walk with us, show your support for March of Dimes!
The shirts come in two colors, 1-orchidshirt



Prairie Dust
Where it says, Family Team, our shirts will say
The Cochran Crew.
Shirts come in sizes from Youth XS to Adult XXL.
We HAVE to place orders by September 1st to ensure they will arrive in time. All shirts must be paid in advance. You can either email me and I can send you a PayPal Invoice or you can mail me a check. The cost of the shirts are $10 for adults and $7 for children. Again, all proceeds will go directly to March of Dimes! We will meet up early the morning of the walk to pass them out or you can swing by before then, get some Baby Loving and pick up your shirts!
I’m also open to any and all Fundraising Suggestions/Ideas you have! Please let me know if you have some ideas or would like more info on how you can help!
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IMG_0225Gunner ColeIMG_0253Lauren KathrynIMG_0255Avery Caroline

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Lauren said...

You are doing a wonderful thing, Sandra! Thank you.

I didn't know that your muffins were born at 29w. They were so little!! What a blessing it must be to see them each day growing up big and strong and most of all, healthy. They are beautiful.

Amber said...

I definately want a shirt! I mean who doesn't want to be part of the Cochran Crew!! :) Seein those pictures brought a tear to my eye remebering how stressful and heart wrenching it was for ya'll....but all are good and healthy!! Love ya'll!!!

Anonymous said...

March of dimes is great but I think it will still be hard to not have premature babies when multiples are involved. Maybe something should also be done to try to reduce multiples. I know you would not wish any of your babies away but maybe something should be done to help infertile people have babies without creating multiples. Multiples are getting out of control

Lauren said...

I tagged you on my blog. Check it out!


Anonymous said...

Hey Sandra,
I can't walk that day but can I buy a shirt?

Anonymous said...

Sorry that was me, Mack Chi, asking to buy a shirt but can't walk!

Mississippi Moms Of Multiples said...

I will have to get some of those when hubby gets paid.

I love the picks at the table for 4 with all of the mess on the floor to cute.

I wanted to also let you know that I have the Mississippi Moms of Multiples website up and running. Please join, I greatly appreciate it. Its

Mississippi Moms Of Multiples said...

lol Thanks Jerusha

tarismarie said...

Already told you yes to all the above! Yes, I want to do anything I can to help you and sign us up for 4 shirts (me, bubba, mom and dad)!!! Let me know what I can do!

Jack said...

Congrats on your family and thanks for supporting the March of Dimes. It's a great organization, as you obviously know. For some extra inspiration, I invite you to check out this short video -- -- about one man's "aha moment" that led him to understand the importance of supporting the March of Dimes. I hope you enjoy it.

All the best,