Thursday, January 14, 2010

Christmas Eve

Every Christmas Eve we have the Kirkwood Family Christmas.  This year I was able to host the party at my house which, in all honesty, is way easier than having to load up all 5 and head out.  Plus, if it’s at your house you are only in charge of paper products, NO COOKING!! I think we may have it at my house every year just so they don’t have to eat my cooking (I’ve actually brought something before that wasn’t completely unfrozen)!
Last year we didn’t get to bring the babies because they were so little and still on RSV lockdown, plus, let’s face it 4 month olds aren’t that much fun! This year, though, they were a blast! Here’s a few pictures from our festivities!

  2nd Cousin Anna-Kate, Nana, Avery,
Old Grandpaw and Lauren
(Wait… is it 2nd cousin?
She’s Matt’s cousin’s daughter…. I’m confused. 
We’ll just refer to everyone as Cousins, how’s that!)

Cousin Shelly and the Flying Can-Man
(She’s Matt’s cousin, so they’re 2nd cousin; right?
I’m so confused!)


Cannon and his BFF his Pappy Frog!


A serious Avery with a Happy Old Grandpa!
He is Matt’s Grandpa and instead of adding Great, we added Old! He doesn’t mind at all, he loves all the grands and great-grands so much!


Uncle Darnell and Lauren
She loved, loved him!!!


Aunt Gloria and Nana playing
I’mmmma Gonna Getcha with Gunner!!


Gunner making a run for it!


Hannah Noelle playing in her room with
Cousin Kaytee and Cousin Karragan.


Cousin Mike and Lauren, she’s always with a man!
Cousin Mike is Cousin Shelly’s husband!


All the great grands that were present….
Mason, Brant, Anna-Kate, Lauren, Avery, Kaytee, Cannon, Gunner, Travis, Kinsey, Karragan and Hannah Noelle…
there are 5 missing!!


Cousin Brant (Anna-Kate’s brother) and Cousin Mason


Old Grandpa and his Children
Greta, Ronald, Phyllis and Gloria
Grandma Belle was smiling in Heaven, I’m sure of it!

With cleaning and setting up, I forgot to get camera batteries so a special thanks to Cousin Tammy for taking the pictures and sending me the CD!

IMG_1210 IMG_1207 IMG_1209

  These were some of many of our attempt at a family shot!

We had a blast enjoying the fellowship with family and of course a really great game of
Dirty Santa in which Matt and I worked together and ended up with a super cool flashlight and a Target Gift Card! I threatened anyone to take the Gift Card with the saying… it’s like taking diapers away from the babies! HeHeHe!
The weather was HORRIBLE, someone even got stuck in the driveway (those of you that know my driveway I know that doesn’t shock you!) so special thanks to Old Grandpa, Elouise, Nana, Papa, Uncle Jeremy, Kaytee, Karragan, Kinsey, Aunt Gloria, Uncle Sonny, Bryan, Tammy, Mason, Shelly, Mike, Travis, Aunt Greta, Uncle Darnell, Jared, Uncle Ronald, Sissy, Brad, Anna-Kate and Brant for braving the storm and coming over, it was a blast!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Camo Christmas

You may remember this picture from February.

And you may remember this post from September.
Well, while we were at Bass Pro, Paw-Paw and Be-Be couldn’t resist getting the Crew new Camo Duds.  So in true redneck fashion we decided what better way to dress the Crew for the Cochran Family Christmas Party than in their camo. IMGP4031Lauren IMGP4008Hannah Noelle
She looks soooo grown here!
So grown that I decided to start 2010 off with a new hair cut for my Big Girl! IMGP4013Avery who will no doubt be the first to kill a deer! IMGP4016Cannon IMGP4020Gunner  IMGP4021The Boys!

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And stay tuned we still have two Christmas Gatherings left to post about!