Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cannon Gregory Cochran


Ninny Boy




Momma’s Boy

Today is Cannon’s special day! One year ago today Cannon joined us at our home in Mississippi! IMG_0357Cannon, at first, was our hardest baby.  Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING set him off, sent him into a whirlwind of screams and then in October my little dude got very sick and got readmitted to the hospital for a long 10 days.  In that time the girls got admitted along with Gunner, but it was Cannon and mommy for 10 whole days! He was pitiful, his IV was in his scalp, just pitiful.  Well, something magical happened in those 10 days and Cannon decided he didn’t want to hold the title of “Most Spirited Baby” and he became a sweet baby, but a momma’s baby! I have to admit, I love having one that thinks I hung the moon and plugged in the stars just for him!

Cannon loves to eat, but if I’m not the one feeding him, I can’t be anywhere near or he screams and refuses to eat! He is our best milk, juice, water, whatever you give him drinker! I hand out milk sippies after breakfast and Cannon immediately finishes his and sits like a lion ready to pounce on whomever will throw their cup down when their done.  Cannon is our only official walker, meaning he would rather walk than crawl.  He has 5 teeth and is SUPER strong.  If the other three touch him, graze him as they crawl by, he screams, he likes to be left alone.  Lately he hasn’t done so well with his glasses, but I think that’s mostly because they’re scratched so badly!!
Can-Man, we LOVE YOU!IMG_0259 IMG_0251

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Saturday, September 26, 2009

March of Dimes Walk

We arrived on time!!! We signed in, had our picture taken, I gave a little speech and then off we went!! After the first mile all the boys were sweating and us girls were…. well, we were glistening! We all made it the full three miles. Cannon is the only one that had to get out of the stroller, but the poor dude had a good reason! He had an allergic reaction to his flu shot (or at least that’s what the doctors think it was to, but he is not allergic to eggs!) He was fine this morning until we got out in the heat and then he started whelping up again and was just uncomfortable. After the first water break he just wanted to be carried and continually given water, hugs and pay close attention to the motorcycle policemen! When we got back to the van, we grabbed some water, the beautiful sign that the March of Dimes had made in our honor and we set the a/c on high and headed home!!! We were hot, exhausted, hungry and did I say we were hot? Thanks to everyone that came and supported the March of Dimes!
Here’s a few a lot of photos from today!IMGP3368
IMGP3365 IMGP3367IMGP3366IMGP3389IMGP3388IMGP3387IMGP3386


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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Gunner Cole Cochran





Big Boy

Big Nasty

Today is Gunner’s special day! One year ago today Gunner (who at the time bore a strong resemblance to Kermit the Frog) came home to Sweet Ole’ Mississippi!! IMG_0322 I remember being nervous, scared, happy and sad!
The van looked full yet overwhelmingly empty!

Within five minutes of him being home reality was sinking in with a vengeance! I needed to feed him, pump for the other three at the NICU, make sure he was wrapped well so he could stay warm, everyone that touched had to be sufficiently Germ-X’d and Lysol’d.

We made sure to keep him on the NICU schedule so it would make a better transition for him and for the other three as they trickled home. 8-11-2-5 repeat 8-11-2-5. I wish I had a nickel for every time I said, we feed at 8-11-2 and 5.
Gunner has, by far, the biggest heart of the group (no pun intended on his size!) His lip sticks out further than his nose when he’s upset. His eyes could make even the toughest soul smile! His size is absolutely astounding, an overweight preemie just doesn’t even sound right! He currently is our only biter! He has 7 teeth so he makes every bite count!
Gunner actually started out as or weakest baby even though he was the largest at 3 pounds, 1 ounce. He was the only one to receive surfactant and have to be intubated! He’s had two hospitalizations since leaving the NICU and no other major health problems!
Gunna-Boy, we Love You VERY VERY much!!!
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