Saturday, September 26, 2009

March of Dimes Walk

We arrived on time!!! We signed in, had our picture taken, I gave a little speech and then off we went!! After the first mile all the boys were sweating and us girls were…. well, we were glistening! We all made it the full three miles. Cannon is the only one that had to get out of the stroller, but the poor dude had a good reason! He had an allergic reaction to his flu shot (or at least that’s what the doctors think it was to, but he is not allergic to eggs!) He was fine this morning until we got out in the heat and then he started whelping up again and was just uncomfortable. After the first water break he just wanted to be carried and continually given water, hugs and pay close attention to the motorcycle policemen! When we got back to the van, we grabbed some water, the beautiful sign that the March of Dimes had made in our honor and we set the a/c on high and headed home!!! We were hot, exhausted, hungry and did I say we were hot? Thanks to everyone that came and supported the March of Dimes!
Here’s a few a lot of photos from today!IMGP3368
IMGP3365 IMGP3367IMGP3366IMGP3389IMGP3388IMGP3387IMGP3386


IMGP3362 IMGP3359 IMGP3360 IMGP3361

IMGP3372 IMGP3374 IMGP3375 IMGP3376 IMGP3377 IMGP3377-1 IMGP3378IMGP3379

IMGP3380 IMGP3383 IMGP3384 IMGP3390 IMGP3391IMGP3394


Following HIM said...

YAY Cochran family!!! YAHOO for the walk going SO SO SO WELL!!! LOVIN all the picts :) Hope Mr. Cannon feels better today!

jag said...

Super cool! Go Team Cochran!

Lauren said...

That's great! I love the shirts they wore for the walk!

The McNulty Family said...


Love that your LOVING the runabout. That thing is such a life saver.

The miracle tee's are too cute for words. What a fun day, hot, but fun!!

I love ya'll so dang much!

Suzanne said...

how flippin' CUTE are those cochran quaddies and big sis!!!??? i LOVE the shirts!!! way to go guys! love you