Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Have a Great Day!
If you have an extra gas mask, send it my way!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Time 4 a Smile

Today has been a sad day in blog land. Look at my last post and continue to pray. Also please pray for the Cox Quads, they are listed on my Blog Roll to your right! So, with all the sadness and heavy hearts, I figured I'd post a few pics! Cannon (He was reaching for the camera!)
Lauren (She REFUSED to look at the camera!)
(He REFUSED to smile! His Daddy said it's because he HATED the outfit!)
Avery (Giving her famous, Whach-u Looking at Face!)

HUGE Prayer Request

The Green Family (Josh's Blog and Lauren's Blog) could really use some prayers right now. They have been on an unimaginable roller coaster ride over the past few weeks in their quad pregnancy. First, baby A's (Heidi) sac ruptured and she passed away a few days later. Lauren was sent home only to return to the hospital days later when Heidi was delivered stillborn at around 18-19 weeks. They placed a cerclage and she was sent home again to continue cooking the other 3 angels. Some time passed and she was readmitted due to being dilated and baby B's sac was bulging. They were forced to cut the cerclage and "let nature take it's course". Baby B's sac ruptured, but she (baby B) still had some fluid and held on. Lauren has been in bed, inverted (head below feet) for some time now. Last night, tragically, baby B, C, and D were born at only 22 weeks. As you know from reading my story, 24 weeks is considered viability so they were not able to save any of their babies. My heart is broken for them. Lauren did everything she was supposed to and her husband Josh was right there for her. They are undoubtedly severely grieving right now. Please keep them and their angels in your prayers. Lauren just updated her blog regarding the nights events. Please keep them in your prayers.

This post is copied and pasted from Jac Tubre's blog. She used such great words explaining it and I have too many emotions going on right now to have composed one. It makes me realize how blessed my family is. Please, please pray for this family!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Happy 1/2 Birthday!!

I honestly cannot believe my babies are 6 months old! I took pictures last night in the plans for a fun birthday post, but today has been anything but fun! All five of my precious children have green eyes, green noses and bad coughs. We've been to the doctor today and are going to continue with our breathing treatments and add a few more in there as well. I promise to do a picture update soon, just don't have the energy to a) Find the camera b) Load the pictures on the computer and c) Take Blogger forever to upload them and then put them in my post backwards so that I have to rearrange everything!! (Any hints on that would be helpful and much appreciated!!)
Here are today's weights:
Cannon ~ 14 Pounds, 13 Ounces, 24 Inches
Gunner ~ 17 Pounds, 13 Ounces, 25 1/2 Inches
Lauren ~ 11 Pounds, 8 Ounces, 23 Inches
Avery ~ 12 Pounds, 1 Ounces, 22 1/2 Inches
Here are a few things that have changed:
We are WIRELESS!! No apnea monitors!
Each baby sleeps in their own crib!
We're off high calorie formula!
We're eating baby food 3 times a day!
Gunner's legs get stuck in his Bumbo they are so big!!

Please check my Blog Roll to the right. There have been several births of my Mommy Friends this week so they could each use your prayers!! Also, check out some of the great quad families as well. I can honestly say, I am the multiple mom I am because of those women! They make me laugh when I'm at my wits end!! Much Love, My Sista Friends!!!
Thanks for checking in on us and our crazy lives!! We love hearing your sweet comments!!
Have a great day and I promise I'll do pictures soon!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Ruined Her Image!!

And boy, she was not Happy!! We always joke about Avery being Punk-A-Rella, well, today, I made her be a Princess!!
You can see the excitement beaming from her face!! She had to have a VCUG done today so she had an outing with Mommy and she got all dressed up!! This is right before they inserted the catheter! She had NO idea she was fixing to be violated!!
This is Hannah Noelle in the same dress, same age!!
Hannah Noelle and I are going through a stage, I guess you would call it, where she thinks she is smarter than I am! I mean, after all, she is the one going to school, I just stay home every day. This is a picture from this weekend when it was really cold. She wanted to wear her silk nightgown outside. I explained to her that it was really cold. She gave me that, I know more than you look, so I decided to strike a deal! I said, Hannie, it's cold out there, I promise you it's cold. You put on whatever clothes you think you need, but when you say, I'm cold, we're going to stay out there another 5 minutes! (I would have never really done that, but it made her feel like she was the one running this game!) If you look closely you'll see 1) A long sleeve shirt 2) Her silk night gown 3) Some velour pants 4) Some furry socks 5) A Hat and gloves 6) A jacket with a hood!! Boy did she outsmart me in my Yoga pants and a T-Shirt!! We only lasted about 2 minutes outside!!
Lauren being as sweet as always! She now has her ears pierced like Avery's!
The Can-Man with those pretty blues!!! He's such a sweet sweet soul!!!

Gunner with his double chins and his hair like he likes it! He's always smiling!!

Monday, February 9, 2009

If These Babies Could Talk

Matt, Andrea and I often sit around talking like the babies. I know, I know, we're dorks. It all started when we were doing the 3 feeds in the middle of the night and we had to do something to keep from hurting each other!! So, here's a few things each baby would say and the voice they would say it in!!!

Cannon (not so deep, kind of sweet voice)
I AM the oldest!!
Please quit telling people I'm a Ninny!!
I'm the leader of this pack!
I LOVE to sleep!

Gunner (In a VERY gruff, deep, slow speaking voice!)
I was the First home, that means I AM older!
I'm not fat, I'm big boned!
I'm not fat, I have a slow metabolism!
I love it when my mommy gets my hair like I like it.

Lauren (In a sweet little librarian voice!)
Can I please go to the library!
Could you please tell Avery to quit crying?
Can we have a Spanish Baby Einstein, I've got this English one licked!!
Avery is a thumb sucker, Avery is a thumb sucker!
You've ordered my pearl necklace and cardigan, right?

Avery (Also a gruff voice!)
Can my color be black instead of purple?
Can you spike my hair like Gun-Man's?
Why do you insist on calling me baby, I like Punk-a-rella better!
Can my earrings be skulls and crossbones instead of these girly studs?

And, of course, they would each want to send a shout out for their soul mate! More on that for Valentine's Day!!
Love from the Cochran Crew!!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can We Do It.....


I'm not sure how many local readers I have, but I need your help!!! Hannah Noelle's day care called today and they need glass baby food jars for NEXT week!! Even if you just save what you use this week and weekend, it will help!!! Send me an e-mail at and I will arrange a pick up or you can drop them off at her day care!! I'm pretty sure I can cover half of what's needed just with my crew, but even if you will only have four or five by Monday, that's four of five more kids that get to do this Crazy Fun activity while listening to a Bible story!! Please, let's make this happen for my sweet darling's school!!! Much Love!!!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flashback #2

I'm starting a series of Flashbacks of my life. Flashback #1 was posted yesterday. So, cheers, here's to.....
Matt and I spoke very rarely on the phone. He was and still is very old-fashioned. He would only call my home for me and would not call past 8 pm. We decided to go on our first date on the following Saturday after a baseball game. Well, that baseball game took all day! By the end of the day we were sunburned, tired, irritable and did I mention the team lost? I didn't want to go, didn't have the heart to cancel, he didn't want to go, didn't have the heart to cancel. He came by the house after the game to tell me that he was going to run home (30 miles away) get showered up and he would be back. I wasn't at home, I had run over to a friends house to do girly things, you know, figure out what to wear. He told my mom the info and she said she would relay the message. She called and I hurried home to get dressed. You have to understand, we were EXHAUSTED!! He came to pick me up about two hours later and off we went. We got to dinner, you know, the meal I chose and we sat down at the booth and he said, I need to go use the pay phone to call in the stats from the ball game. He came back a few seconds later and said, geez, when did a phone call start costing 35 cents. Needless to say, I let him borrow a dime! That was just the beginning of the duties of a coach's girlfriend, wife, yada, yada! The dinner went smooth although we were both about to fall asleep in our plates. Off to the movies we went. I remember doing everything I could to stay awake on the ride to the movies. Then, Mr. Spider made his appearance. Down the front of the windshield, back up again, down, up. I just sat there wanting to say something, trying not to laugh. Finally I said, um, there's a spider in your truck. He said, yeah, that happens alot! Now that I live in the woods where he lived at that time I can so see why it happens alot! Two more funny things about the date..... We ran into one of his baseball players and didn't really want him to know we were there "together." We kind of dodged the question all together. After leaving, I'm pretty sure we both slept at some point during the movie, I saw a license plate that I couldn't figure out what it said. I said, Matt, what's that tag mean. He said, which one. The one right in front of us. Oh, I can't read that far. WHAT?!? You can't read that tag on the car in front of us? No, can you? Well, yeah. Our second date, you guess where it was, the Eye Doctor. She actually asked Matt, did you drive over here!
I promise I won't give the details of every date, the next post will be a summary of our dates and then off to the Proposal! It's pretty funny!! Still trying to get some pictures scanned!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Flashback #1

Well, I decided to follow in Jen Murray's footsteps and document some things from the past that I always want to remember and want the kiddos to know as they get older. These posts will be boring for some, interesting for some and informative to a few. They will sometimes be long and sometimes be short, but they will always be from the heart and full of memories that I cherish at times and some I wish my heart never had to endure but it made me who I am and made My Story, nonetheless. For Flashback #1 I'm highlighting....
I had been dating someone for quite some time and had absolutely fallen in love with his family. After our relationship ended I stayed close to his family. I attended one of his brother's high school baseball games with his family and as I walked up in my blue shirt and holey jeans (yes, I remember what I was wearing and, yes, they were in style back then) I saw #32. I had never seen him before. I was out of school and thought, oh, the baseball players weren't cute like that back in my day! I called Jacob over and said, Jake, who is that? He said, oh, that's Coach Cochran. He's never been married, doesn't have any kids, he lives in the middle of nowhere and he's an awesome coach. I was officially on a mission. I'm not real sure I missed a game after that. I made an effort to help in the concession stand, do whatever I could to catch his eye! Little did I know, that same day he walked over to Coach Turner and said, Marc, who is that girl over there. Marc said, oh, that's Jacob's girlfriend dude, she's like 15. So no matter how hard I tried to catch his eye, he thought I was jail bait!! A month of attending baseball games later I enlisted the help of one of Matt's fellow teacher's Sherry Holmes. (Kind of fits, you know, like Sherlock) She did some investigating, he was in fact single, he attended the monthly dining trips the teacher's had so Sherry stepped in and they became good friends. On March 11th I was in a good friend's wedding and Matt was supposed to have a game. Well, the weather turned sour and the game was cancelled. Sherry called me when I was on my way from the wedding to the reception to say, I've scheduled an outing for all of us and Mattie is coming. I always loved the way she called him Mattie. I was SO excited!! I had to figure out how to ditch this reception in the most orderly way!! I called Jacob and said, what do I wear. He said, go for the overalls with the white shirt. (Back in the day I tell ya, overalls were COOL!) I got to the reception and found out the order of things and Tonya said, after the presentation of the wedding party and the dance you are all free to go! I sat anxiously waiting for the dance! And, yes, Tonya wanted me to go, she had so wanted me to find "the right" guy. The dance was done and off I went! I got to Sherry's house in the most hideous Navy Blue bridesmaid's dress you've ever seen. (It was pretty back then, my how the times change!) Andrea, my sister, was bringing me my clothes. First, though, Matt showed up. I still have the shirt he had on. He walked in and said, oh, I think I'm under dressed! I was humiliated!! When Andrea got there I went in the back to change only to get halfway undressed and figure out I was safety pinned in. There's nothing like having to crack open the door and say, Sissy, can you help me. I'm sure I sounded like an idiot!! About 15 people ended up going and somehow we ended up in the same vehicle (wink, wink) and then we ended up sitting by each other at dinner (wink, wink.) After dinner we all went bowling and after about two hours of putting my best foot forward Matt said, I've got a bet for you. I said, okay. He said, if I win the next game, I get to take you on a date. I said, well, buddy, you just screwed yourself because I'm gonna stomp you in the ground! (I knew he was competitive so I figured I'd add that little charm!) I said, why don't we do this, if you win, you pick where we eat, if I win I pick. By the way, just so you know, I won and I picked Cucos!!
That's enough for now, I'm sure you're nodding off at your computers! I'll pick up there next time, highlight the first real date and then move on to two more highlights before the "Big Day." I'm going to try to scan some Way Back pictures as well! I do have some in those overalls!!!