Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Quads and HN are FAMOUS!!!

Well, at least locally!!!


Watch the video too, Hannah Noelle is so proud to be on TV!!

Make sure you look at the last post, too, for individual updates on the Muffins!

UPDATE: I forgot to let everyone know the surgery went off without a hitch!! I came home, passed out, broke my toe and hit my other shoulder... am I talented or what??

Friday, November 21, 2008

32 Pounds, 1 Ounce

Unfortunately, no, that's not how much weight I have lost, it's the total of the baby's weights!! Holy Cow, we've come a long way!! First, let me apologize for the many, many typographical errors in the last post. I normally check, recheck and recheck and will find most errors, but I was so tired when I wrote it it just looks horrible!!! Second, I apologize for waiting so long to repost, it's been a little crazy!

We went to the doctor today for Synagis and 3 Month Check Ups!! They all have pretty bad reflux so we get to start adding cereal to their bottles to make them more thick in the hopes they will keep more down!! Also, best news, we get to let them sleep as long as they will at night, but no longer than 6 hours! I mean, really, 3 hours of sleep will be an improvement! When you have to wake them to feed every 3 hours and it takes about an hour to feed, that means we only get 2 hours, if we're lucky!! Pray for lots of sleep tonight!!

On a personal note, I will be having surgery this Tuesday. It was scheduled for two weeks ago, but with the hospital stay, I had to cancel it. I have a lipoma (fatty tumor) on my left collar bone which I found about a month ago and we'd all rather be safe than sorry so we're going to get it out! I've met my out of pocket deductible for the year, obviously, so now was the best time financially also!!

Everyone has recovered from their sickness! Gunner ended up getting admitted the day I wrote the last post. We were there a combined 9 days! No FUN!! We had several wonderful nurses while we there..... Paulette, Wendy, Lisa, Chassidy, Anita and the list goes on and on. Nurse Shelley from the NICU came to see us also, which was a special treat. The boys got really sick really fast and it was very scary! Lauren had a brady/apnea episode in which she turned the most horrible shade of blue and was pretty much unresponsive. I don't know that I have ever been so scared, including the whole NICU stay. Nurse Chassidy was on her toes and whisked her out of our room into triage room, had her hooked up to oxygen and was stimulating her in a matter of seconds (which seemed like hours) and she luckily came out of it before having to due further treatment. I definitely am grateful for everything every nurse did while we there, but Chassidy, you take the prize!! You saved my sweet baby's life!!

Now for the individual updates.......

Cannon - 8 pounds, 4 ounces, 21 inches - Cannon can roll over from belly to back before you can blink your eye, so you have to be VERY careful with him! He love, loves his mommy! Sweet mamma's baby! He smiles for almost anyone, but really smiles for me!!! Most demanding of the four and hardest to console!!!
Always, always has his tounge out!!
Horrible facial expression, I know, but his eyes were open!!!

Gunner - 9 pounds, 12 ounces, 20 1/2 inches - Can you say Pig? He's massive!!! Gunner is not as laid back as he used to be, he's a little more "spirited." I was told that was a better word than bad!! Never took a paci until the hospital stay and now he can't live without it! He loves his frog paci and wants it perfectly placed under his arm to sleep! He has the biggest smile with the most precious dimples! Of course no one would smile for their pictures! I was home alone so I just had to take what I could!

Lauren - 6 pounds, 13 ounces, 19 1/2 inches - Madam Librarian is this sweet lady's nickname! She is by far the most laid back, easy going of the four. She gives you an Elvis smile every time you look at her and LOVES her big sister! She is probably the most alert, she doesn't want to miss anything!

Avery - 7 pounds, 4 ounces, 20 inches - It's not the nicest nickname, but Ticker it is! She's like a ticking time bomb, you never know when she's going to go off! She can be sleeping so peacefully and aagghh - she's screaming! She can be smiling and interacting with you and then, bam, she's done! Her voice sounds very hoarse, probably because she uses it so much, but it's so stinking cute!! She is the least likely to "self soothe." They have all become like the little lab rats that when you ding the bell, they know it's time to eat, you put their bibs on and all crying stops!!

I can't believe I got one without her paci in her mouth, but two seconds later and you have the below picture!!

Hannah Noelle hasn't been to the doctor lately, thank goodness, so we don't have a recent weight on her. As you know, I had her party a month early. Well, that plan backfired on me Big Time! Her real birthday was this Tuesday. We woke her up by singing Happy Birthday to her and made everything that day extra special, including the biggest Cookie Cake known to man for her to bring to school to share with her friends! Well, the problem was, "I'm five today because I already all had my 4th birthday party, remember, it was the princess party." "You're upsetting me on my 5th birthday telling me I'm only 4." "I'm telling you, I already all turned 4, I'm 5 now, can't you see I'm bigger." It was hilarious! I called the school and the directors told me she was convinced she was 5. (And, yes, we're working on the already all part, I don't know where she got that, we're also having trouble with past tense... I fixed-ed my hair!) Well, in Matt's profession he's used to having to break things down real simple and bring it to a level that everyone will understand, so this is how it went down.... You see, Hannah Noelle, Jumps A Lot was going to be closed in November, so since you wanted your party there, we had to have your party early. Such a simple, yet a lie, explanation and, ding, the bell went off and she got it! "It's the best-est year ever, I got two birthdays just for being four!"

Have a great Thanksgiving!! Love, The Cochran Family!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Hospital Admit #1, #2 and # 3

It's been a CRAZY week! After taking the quads to the county fair, we all got sick and had to be admitted to the hospital!

KIDDING!!!! We have never left the house and they still got sick! I just through in the fair part because I'm so freaking sleepy I can't think straight and it sounded fun!! Everyone got colds starting last Wednesday. By Sunday night Cannon was not eating and having quite a few Apnea Episodes. I called his pediatrician and she sent us to the hospital. He was admitted later that night and put on oxygen. Tests determined he had pneumonia. By morning Matt was calling with the news the girls weren't eating. Noon on Monday, Lauren, Avery and Cannon were patients at the hospital and all on oxygen. Gunner was not admitted, but our pediatrician requested that he stay there just in case. (I mean, really, we couldn't send him home by himself! He's a big boy, but not capable of making bottles for himself just yet!!) I will give all the scary details later because their are lots, (Have to say Thanks to Nurse Chassidy in this post though, you will forever be Lauren's Angel!) but right now my sister is at the hospital with Cannon so I could come to my friend who lives about 5 miles from hospital's house to take a nap, shower and eat so I better do just that. Lauren and Avery were released at 2 yesterday and are on 4 a day breathing treatments. Gunner was "released" around 6 last night and is on 6 a day breathing treatments. Cannon is getting better, but still puny. Please continue to pray for all of them. We have done everything possible to keep them healthy, but we managed to catch something! And please know I was kidding about the fair, the babies outings have been to the pediatrician and back and that's it!!!!