Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The Quads and HN are FAMOUS!!!

Well, at least locally!!!


Watch the video too, Hannah Noelle is so proud to be on TV!!

Make sure you look at the last post, too, for individual updates on the Muffins!

UPDATE: I forgot to let everyone know the surgery went off without a hitch!! I came home, passed out, broke my toe and hit my other shoulder... am I talented or what??


jag said...

Jillian and I just watched the news segment. She says to tell Gunner, hi and that she's so glad he's an excellent baby. They did a great job on telling your story! You all look fantastic. HN did seem proud. I like how you described Cannon as "high-spirited." I think he and Jack would be fast and furious friends. He's our little "high-spirited" one.
Jenna and Jilly

Moni Graf said...

Excellent article and video! You two made caring for infant quads look EASY! I really enjoyed all of it. It was good to see you in action.

Lots of Love,

Tubre Quads said...

Awesome!!! They did a great story on yall! The babies look great and so do you, Matt and HN. You have a gorgeous family.

Love and prayers from La,

Anonymous said...

I just watched the broadcast and they did an excellent job on the story. I am so proud of you, keep it up!!

Deanna said...

I just watched the video on WLOX. It was absolutely precious and amazing! All of the babies, Hannah Noelle, included are adorable. You can definitely see their personalities on each of their faces!!! Keep up the great work!

Much love and prayers,
Deanna Rimer Collins

Misty said...

That was a wonderful article/video on ya'll. You do make it look easy!
Hope ya'll had a great THanksgiving!
MOM to gggg quads

Anonymous said...

Really precious! What a blessing!
Gail from Biloxi

Jayme said...

I'd like to send your family a Christmas present. How can I ship that to you? I loved your story on WLOX, my own son was born pre-mature - so I can relate to that part.

King Quads said...

Cannon...this is Addison...I thought you'd never ask!! YES!!


That was great. We just watched the video too. My husband (Jason) watched with me.
You guys did awesome and it was great to see you on "tv!"

Tubre Quads said...

I having super cute baby pictures withdrawals...think you can help me out?



Anonymous said...

Love the new layout! Update soon... PLEASE!

Linda Hendrix said...

Sandra, Linda Hendrix here from Rayville! I found Andrea on FB and she sent me your link. I am a retired NICU nurse and know what you went thru. Your babies are so precious. Please update when you are able. Say hi to your folks for us!