Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brotherly Love

I Love this picture because it seems they're looking up at me saying.... it was him, not me, mom!!
Gunner obviously couldn't find his paci, so his brother's head was the next best thing!!!
Gunner's Christmas picture!
Cannon's Christmas picture. He REFUSED to smile for the camera!!
Just wanted you to see how truly massive this chunk is!!
Cannon is in a close second to Gunner though!!

Well, as you can see the boys love each other! We lay them on opposite sides of their bed and by morning they're right beside each other with some portion of their body touching or holding the other one. It's so sweet. If Cannon finishes his bottle first and we lay him down to go to sleep he will generally cry until Gunner is in the bed with him and then the next ten minutes is the two moving the best they can to get close to each other.

The most recent weights are a little old because, thank goodness, we've been able to stay healthy!! Gunner's most recent was 11 pounds, 4 ounces and Cannon's was 9 pounds. Gunner is just massive. If you pick him up and then pick Lauren up next you just about throw her over your shoulder because the weight difference is almost 5 pounds. I never really thought 5 pounds would be such a big deal!
We go next Friday for 4 Month shots, Synagis Shots and for Cannon to have his iron checked. I'm sure that visit with include many blog-worthy pictures!!!

Our schedule has gotten MUCH better since we have added the cereal to every bottle, not to mention that the reflux is much, much better and we have even managed to quit taking Zantac. I'm still on the fence on whether Avery needs the Zantac, she still has some major urps every now and then. Notice I didn't say spit up, it's not spit up, it's the whole bottle!!! We now feed them at 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm and 2 am. So, so much better on our sleep!! They are all gaining weight and growing developmentally, so we must be doing something right!!! Our doctor is going to let us start vegetables on Gunner soon because big boy needs some real food!! He takes his cereal with a spoon like a champ and she said, he's just ready!! Go Gun-Man Go!!!

The Christmas tree is up, 90 percent of the presents are wrapped, Christmas cards are ordered, envelopes are filled out, thank you notes are FINALLY written, the clothes are all washed.... whew, it's been a busy week!!!
Well, here's some pictures of the girls, I just couldn't leave them out, plus their outfits are so stinking cute... Thanks Mrs. Brenda!

Lauren is always, always smiling, but for some reason, she did not want to for this picture!
Lauren's Christmas Picture.This is an Avery smile! If she could talk her deep voice would say, enough already mom.. go away!!

See what I mean about the spitting up!?!?!

This is Hannah Noelle's Christmas picture!This is Hannah Noelle's first Christmas picture! Who do you think looks most like her?

This is Hannah Noelle when she was 3 months old. In this picture, who looks the most like her?

Hope everyone has a great week!!!


Anonymous said...

Goodness gracious they are too stinkin cute!!! The babies are getting so big! In my opinion HN looks just like Matt and all the babies look like you.
H Pepper

Moni Graf said...

How sweet! I'd say that either Cannon or Lauren look most like HN, but I'd have to see them in person (hopefully some day!).

Pius wanted to say thank you VERY much for the Christmas feast from Lauren. She certainly does know the way to that boy's heart! Pius wanted to get Lauren diamonds for Christmas, but doesn't have enough allowance money yet. Maybe in about 18 yrs....

All the monogrammed embroidery is so neat! Do you have one of those machines? I'd love to have one some day. I'm in the same boat as Pius........if I could ever save up enough allowance money.

Glad the schedule is getting better. You two are doing such a great job with those chunkers!

Love ya,

The Carlsons said...

those are awesome weights! man, there's some good eatin' going on in your home :) good luck with the veggies for Gunner and good luck on the 4mo shots!

i, too, love all of the embroidery. do you do that? i'm with moni, if i had the $$ i'd love to get one of those machines. your kids will love having those as momentos in the years to come!

i think lauren looks the most like HN. oh, and that spit up! uff! so sorry you are battling that :( hope it passes asap!!

thanks for sharing!!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy

Andria said...

Love the chub! Brotherly love is so sweet! That doesn't get felt in our house at ALL. Perhaps a separation of 3 years between them has something to do with it?

Anonymous said...

Hi Sandra

Oh gosh they are all too cute! Can't believe you have such a great feeding schedule. Hope Kami's will work out as well. She is 29wks 2days and still home--miserable but home! I think Lauren looks the most like HN--but they are all so cute. You are also so organized, are you sure this is your "first set of quads"!! ha ha
Linda (Kami's Mom in phoenix)

Dana said...

YOu have beautiful babies. They seem hugely different from the new piece they did on wlox.

Stacey said...

I am so glad you came to see us. I hope you will come back to visit again. Your kids are precious also.

Amber said...

Your babies are beautiful! I think that preemie chub is so cute.

I am jealous of your feeding schedule. Mine are still eating every 2-3 hours in the day and every 3 hours at night. Our pediatrician wants us to wait until they are 5 months to add cereal.

I am also jealous of your relux being cured. I still have to get my babies 2-3 medicines every 6-12 hours. Great parenting! Again, your babies are so beautiful!

Tracey Tolbert said...

The babies sure are growing.....Hope all of you have a Merry Christmas!!

Lil'raven's momma said...

HN is just so different looking from the babies to me. She's very unique in her beauty. Of course the babies are beautiful too, no doubt!
Hope you all had a wonderful christmas.