Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ma’am, Your Dogs Battery is Dead!

From the second those words came out of my mouth, a post was brewing in my head.  It  was just way too funny not to share. 
In the little town where I live even if you’re 5 miles apart, you’re neighbors.  We’re all friendly, it’s just how we roll! Well, I have two neighbors on my road most commonly referred to as “The Twins.”DD2Denise and Deanna
The day after I had the babies they came and visited me at the hospital and I offered to bring them up to see the babies.  Well, that’s a rule breaker in the NICU, only two people at each bedside and they couldn’t go in together because a parent or someone on the approved list had to go in with them.  Long story short, I broke the rules, brought them both in, Shame on Me! Well, I was drugged, to say the least, mildly sedated.  I had given birth to quads less than 24 hours ago, for everyone’s sanity and/or safety I was on a significant amount of medicine.  When asked by one of the babies nurses if they were my sisters (I’m assuming she thought multiples “ran in the family”) I said, no, they’re just my neighbors.  Yes, I admit it now, denied it then, but they are also my friends! So, since I referred to them as my neighbors it’s been a running joke.  I referred to them here and here in a jokingly manner as “my neighbors.”
Focus Sandra, Focus… Dog, battery… Focus!
Deanna has a cute little dog named Dixie Dog.bmp  Dixie has an underground fence and has this cool collar on her neck.comfort-fit-big-dog-trainer Well, when the batteries go dead, Dixie has free roam of the neighborhood.  Today was the second time I’ve found Dixie roaming around and when I called “my neighbor” I said, Excuse me, ma’am, your dogs battery is dead!
Okay, so maybe it was a little more funny to have been there, but it’s not too often you hear or speak the words, Ma’am, your dogs battery is dead.  Now I know the drill, I just get Dixie to jump in the van, we head to Deanna’s and I put her in her kennel and call Deanna to put batteries on her Wal-Mart list!

Have a Great Week!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

We Love FREE

The first thing I do every morning is roll over, grab my phone and read through my e-mails, texts, instant messages and Facebook messages.  When I read a Tweet from @DiaperDiaries about it being National Doughnut Day, I thought, what a crazy day to have.  After a little more investigating I realized it was a crazy day that meant FREE Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme, COUNT ME IN!dd I woke Matt up and said, hey, let’s take a field trip to Krispy Kreme, he looked at me like I was crazy and said, okay. When I explained the whole FREE part, he was dressed in seconds!
We loaded up the kiddos and off we went!IMGP4782I figured it was just glazed for free, but I was happy to hear, no, ma’am, anything you would like!
I got the babies each a glazed and HN got chocolate sprinkles! 
My total for 3 chocolate milks, 1 tea and 7 doughnuts was under 5 dollars! HOLLA!
Being the dork I am, I asked for 5 hats as well!
IMGP4792Hannah Noelle LOVES doughnuts! IMGP4786Avery pretty much loves everything except chicken! IMGP4788 Gunner loved everything but the hat!IMGP4789Cannon liked the doughnut as long as someone would feed it to him, he was way to cool to get his hands all gooey! IMGP4791 And Little Lauren, she never passes up food and wore her hat the whole time just like her Big Sissy!
We also found out that Cannon DOES NOT like chocolate milk, like gagging to the point of embarrassment doesn’t like chocolate milk! Since he embarrassed us I have to throw in this picture where Cannon is doing I’m not sure what, but I’m sure it will embarrass him one day! IMGP4794-1Have a Great Week! 

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pearly Whites

I called about 6 months ago to make Hannah Noelle an appointment with a pediatric dentist.  We had made several attempts with regular dentist and they were a complete waste of time and money because the environment just wasn’t conducive for a child.  I heard about Dr. Buddy Brice’s office and how great he and his staff were with children, so I called and made an appointment for her.  At the last minute I said, hey, when should I bring the babies in for their appointments.  She said generally at 12 months.  Uh-oh, we’re older than that, I need to make 4 more appointments please.  The first visit was more of a look and see for all 5 and then we would go from there.  That visit was short, we were in and out in 15 minutes, of course, with help from Pae-Pae.  Upon leaving we scheduled the appointment for 5 sets of chompers to be cleaned! The day snuck up on me and uh-oh, I was helperless (yes, I just made up a word!) I called in the expertise of Uncle Coach whom I referred to as my dental assistant and luckily Kae-Pae didn’t mind handing him over to me even though it was her birthday!
Coach and I headed to get Hannah Noelle from Horse Camp (insert redneck jokes here) and off to Biloxi we went.
First in the chair was Cannon.IMGP4752  This was the best shot I could get of him, to say he disliked the dentist would be a GROSS understatement!
Next was Avery-BugIMGP4757 She didn’t necessarily love the idea at first, but was okay with it.  Then, when the dentist came in to take a final look…..IMGP4758Next up was Lauren.IMGP4760  If you look closely, you’ll see a wrinkled forehead, which is never a good sign!
While I was taking the babies in one by one in the “Quiet Room” which is made so once the door is shut no one but those inside the room hear the drama, Hannah Noelle was outside in the big room being a BIG GIRL!IMGP4759The last in the chair was Gunner.  I figured he was going to bite the sweet lady, so I thought I’d save him for last!IMGP4762Look at that poor face!
For the record, that is not blood, the “special toothpaste” is red colored.  IMGP4764Coach in the waiting room with the other 3 babies and big girl!
All 5 left with sparkling white teeth, no cavities a/k/a Sugar Bugs and a coupon for a free Ice-Cream. I think that guarantees them that you’ll be back; right?
We were also informed that Hannah Noelle has more than the one loose tooth we were aware of.  He said to expect some snaggles this summer! Yay for the tooth fairy!  

Have a Great Week!