Sunday, June 6, 2010

We Love FREE

The first thing I do every morning is roll over, grab my phone and read through my e-mails, texts, instant messages and Facebook messages.  When I read a Tweet from @DiaperDiaries about it being National Doughnut Day, I thought, what a crazy day to have.  After a little more investigating I realized it was a crazy day that meant FREE Doughnuts at Krispy Kreme, COUNT ME IN!dd I woke Matt up and said, hey, let’s take a field trip to Krispy Kreme, he looked at me like I was crazy and said, okay. When I explained the whole FREE part, he was dressed in seconds!
We loaded up the kiddos and off we went!IMGP4782I figured it was just glazed for free, but I was happy to hear, no, ma’am, anything you would like!
I got the babies each a glazed and HN got chocolate sprinkles! 
My total for 3 chocolate milks, 1 tea and 7 doughnuts was under 5 dollars! HOLLA!
Being the dork I am, I asked for 5 hats as well!
IMGP4792Hannah Noelle LOVES doughnuts! IMGP4786Avery pretty much loves everything except chicken! IMGP4788 Gunner loved everything but the hat!IMGP4789Cannon liked the doughnut as long as someone would feed it to him, he was way to cool to get his hands all gooey! IMGP4791 And Little Lauren, she never passes up food and wore her hat the whole time just like her Big Sissy!
We also found out that Cannon DOES NOT like chocolate milk, like gagging to the point of embarrassment doesn’t like chocolate milk! Since he embarrassed us I have to throw in this picture where Cannon is doing I’m not sure what, but I’m sure it will embarrass him one day! IMGP4794-1Have a Great Week! 


Lauren said...

We love FREE too in the Green household! You can't beat a free fun family outing!


King Quads said...

You guys are a hoot. Poor Can-man...didn't like his chocolate milk! Love Lauren's picture, so cute.

Stephanie said...

I love that you called it a field trip! lol
I guess getting out anyday is a field trip for you guys!
Adorable pics!!