Thursday, June 3, 2010

Pearly Whites

I called about 6 months ago to make Hannah Noelle an appointment with a pediatric dentist.  We had made several attempts with regular dentist and they were a complete waste of time and money because the environment just wasn’t conducive for a child.  I heard about Dr. Buddy Brice’s office and how great he and his staff were with children, so I called and made an appointment for her.  At the last minute I said, hey, when should I bring the babies in for their appointments.  She said generally at 12 months.  Uh-oh, we’re older than that, I need to make 4 more appointments please.  The first visit was more of a look and see for all 5 and then we would go from there.  That visit was short, we were in and out in 15 minutes, of course, with help from Pae-Pae.  Upon leaving we scheduled the appointment for 5 sets of chompers to be cleaned! The day snuck up on me and uh-oh, I was helperless (yes, I just made up a word!) I called in the expertise of Uncle Coach whom I referred to as my dental assistant and luckily Kae-Pae didn’t mind handing him over to me even though it was her birthday!
Coach and I headed to get Hannah Noelle from Horse Camp (insert redneck jokes here) and off to Biloxi we went.
First in the chair was Cannon.IMGP4752  This was the best shot I could get of him, to say he disliked the dentist would be a GROSS understatement!
Next was Avery-BugIMGP4757 She didn’t necessarily love the idea at first, but was okay with it.  Then, when the dentist came in to take a final look…..IMGP4758Next up was Lauren.IMGP4760  If you look closely, you’ll see a wrinkled forehead, which is never a good sign!
While I was taking the babies in one by one in the “Quiet Room” which is made so once the door is shut no one but those inside the room hear the drama, Hannah Noelle was outside in the big room being a BIG GIRL!IMGP4759The last in the chair was Gunner.  I figured he was going to bite the sweet lady, so I thought I’d save him for last!IMGP4762Look at that poor face!
For the record, that is not blood, the “special toothpaste” is red colored.  IMGP4764Coach in the waiting room with the other 3 babies and big girl!
All 5 left with sparkling white teeth, no cavities a/k/a Sugar Bugs and a coupon for a free Ice-Cream. I think that guarantees them that you’ll be back; right?
We were also informed that Hannah Noelle has more than the one loose tooth we were aware of.  He said to expect some snaggles this summer! Yay for the tooth fairy!  

Have a Great Week!


Charity Donovan said...

They are so freakin' how bored HN looks in the waiting room! OMG...dreading this! Still haven't done it! Bad mommy! Guess I'll go schedule the torture! LOVE You!!!!

Kami Lambe said...

Love it! No one told me 12 months either...guess that's next on my list.

Following HIM said...

Absolutly precious! HN looks like a PRO at the dentist deal! No biggie, right?! I can't believe how grown up she looks too! Glad you survived another adventure with the fab 5! Love you!

Amy said...

i'm a terrible mom, i still haven't taken either of mine to the dentist. i loathe going myself (the fact that looking at these pictures made me nauseous should prove how serious i am). seeing as Connor is about to be 5 i really need to get on the ball and find someone who will take him to spare me the pain