Sunday, May 30, 2010

Oh Wee

There are two things that are very popular at our house right now.  One is the game of Hide and Seek, which is absolutely hilarious!
It was Cannon’s turn to hide. IMGP4743And if the legs sticking out from under the pillow didn’t let you know where he was… IMGP4744 The giggling from under the pillow would lead you straight to him!IMGP4746 And Gunner, well, he thinks covering his eyes makes him invisible!IMGP4747

The next super popular game is Oh, Wee… IMGP4741IMGP4738Cannon, give Lauren Oh Wee’s! IMGP4728Gunner, give Daddy Oh Wee’s! IMGP4730 Lauren, give Gunner Oh Wee’s! IMGP4736Cannon, give Avery Oh Wee’s! IMGP4740 Avery, give Gunner Oh Wee’s!

It’s so sweet watching the way they love each other!
Next is a series of pictures to show what a ham Avery is!
She is definitely 100% Diva!
First I said, Smile Bug!IMGP4726 Then I said, never mind, I’ll take someone else’s picture!
And she said, CHEESE! IMGP4732IMGP4734 IMGP4733
Hope you have a GREAT WEEK!


jag said...

They are precious! "Oh wees" to all!

Following HIM said...

Absolutly precious! I love their little personalities and the love they show eachother! "Oh wees" to you guys!

Charity Donovan said...

Love it!!! These pics of Avery are BEAUTIFUL! She is such a doll baby!!!

Margaret said...

I need to see them!

Leigh said...

how sweet all the babies are and growing more beautiful daily!! Love the pics! Thanks for sharing with us!!

Anonymous said...

they are toooo sweet!!!! I love Lauren's little puckered lips. they are all just darling!!

Gen McNulty said...

so freaking precious! omg! love all the LOVE in this post and the last set of Avery are killer adorable.

love you and your beautiful family.