Monday, May 24, 2010

Clothing Optional

I am so excited for this summer! The babies LOVE to be outside and would stay out there all day if I would let them! co2 These items are on our shopping list with every Wal-Mart trip! And the babies’ faces light up when they see me grab the Little Swimmers and the Sun Block!IMGP4699Cannon is always the first in the pool! IMGP4701IMGP4702Avery LOVES to splash the water! IMGP4703Gunner is not a fan of being in the pool, but he loves to play close to it.
”Mom, what’s this red thingy for?”
IMGP4704Lauren always wants what someone else has!
”Her, Dunna, I’ll show you how it works!”
IMGP4708 IMGP4705 And Hannah Noelle loves to get in there and play with them!

We’ve also stocked up on these little gems!
strawTube_downI cut two tubes in half and each baby gets a half.  It’s just enough to cool them down, but not too much to get too melted and runny!IMGP4712”Mommy, are you sure these are good for my figure?” 
IMGP4709  “I will not look at you, I will not look at you,
I will not look at you!”
IMGP4710”Mom, the rules say you must wait 30 minutes after eating before returning to the pool!”
IMGP4711  “Who said everybody hates to eat and run?”

Hope you’re having a

Great Summer!


Anonymous said...

Have you looked into any swimmers that can be washed like cloth diapers.

Anonymous said...

They are too cute!!!


Andrea said...

LOVE the "I will not look at you" quote attached to Lauren! She is SO head strong and does do just the opposite!

Anonymous said...

They are so precious!!! Looks like you all will have a fun filled summer.

King Quads said...

Email me that picture of Gunner...I want a copy of it bad. That is the cutest picture EVER!!!!

I love these pictures. I am totally going to get some of those yummy treats now too.

Love you!!

Hilary said...

How fun!!! Yeah for Summer..they are such cuties and getting SO big too :)

Following HIM said...

Absolutely PRECIOUS!! Hope you guys are enjoying the summer!