Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hannah Noelle say WHAT....

Say who say what say how say WHAT? Anyone that knows my sweet angel and talks to her longer than five minutes and says something exciting will get a Mommy say what say who say what say how say WHAT?
I did a post for my husband, one for my sister, my sister did one for me and now it's time for Hannie's post!! First, I need to let you know why we sometimes call her Hannie. We do the momma, momma, bo-bama, fa-nana-fanna-fo-fama, me-my-mo-momma, Momma all the time and well, Hannah Noelle didn't work for that!! She refuses to be called Hannah, so we couldn't do that, so Hannie just worked. Hannie, hannie, bo-bannie, fa-nana-fannie-fo-fammie, me-my-mo-mannie, Hannie!
I have to let you know what she did for my birthday! My sister-in-law and brother gave me a gift card to my favorite restaurant and my sister gave us a hotel room for a night so we had a Get A Way. We hated to leave, but we needed some us time and some for real sleep!! Hannah Noelle was not real excited that we left, but she made the most of it. (The grammar that's coming up is straight out of the mouth of a 4 year old!) She and Pae-Pae baked-ed me a cake and put sea life on it! She tricked-ed me when I got home and made me think she was gone and that the cake was for her friend Karsen Mary-Lee (That's not how it's spelled, that's how she says it!) Then, on my actual birthday she woke me up by singing Happy Birthday in some other style than the traditional Happy Birthday and then hurried and got dressed. She then took me to eat. She first tried-ed Scram-fron's (Scranton's) which was my favorite restaurant near where I used to work. Then she tried-ed Petit Bois, which she knew was my second favorite. Both were closed for the holiday so she taked-ed me to Mexico (the Mexican Restaurant.) She buy-ded my food for me with her very own money that had different presidents on the dollars. (That was probably the most impressive thing she said all day!) She then taked-ed me to the store where she gotted me some new clothes with her own money. I've finally accepted that I will probably never fit back into my old jeans! :( The rest of the day was followed with good manners, sweet loving, a really long nap and the most beautiful two dollar and 99 cent wishbone necklace you have ever seen!! She didn't stop there!
The next day, which was yesterday, she decided I needed to have a PARTY! She and her daddy took me bowling because, you know, there are such things as Bowling Parties! (She said that, not me!) And one more impressive thing that she did.... She went for a play date yesterday because preschool is closed for two weeks and I asked her, Hannah Noelle, what do you do if you're ready to come home. She said, I say, Mrs. Amanda, please call my mommy at ***-****. She said our number perfectly!! We've practiced it before but I never really thought she listened! She made me so proud!!
So, here's to you, Hannie!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!

Monday, December 29, 2008


Today is our Mommy's birthday and we wanted everyone to know what our favorite things about her are!

Mama, The bestest thing about you is that you are nice and always take me places with you! I also love that you like it when I play dress up and let me pretend all the time!
I love you, Hannie

Mama, I’m so glad that you’re my mommy and that you stay home every day with me and play. My favorite thing about you is how you get right in my face and kiss on me ALL the time! But seriously, can you stop telling everybody that I’m a Mama’s boy??? It’s so embarrassing – let’s let it be our secret!
I love you, Can-Man

Mama, My favorite thing about you is when you play with my tornado! It makes me smile EVERY time! I also love it when you call me Big Boy – it makes my toes curl and am happy that I can make your heart beat faster when I laugh at you.
I love you, Gunna

Mama, My favorite thing about you is how you call me PrettyPretty ALL the time! (but how could I not be when I have the prettiest mommy in the whole world?) I know that I’m the quiet one, but it’s because I know that you are always there and that you will never let anything bad happen to me.
I love you, Laura-Laur

Mama, My favorite thing about you is when you whisper to me that I’m the youngest and that’s it is okay that I spit my pacie out 100 times a day and start screaming for you to come and give it back to me to make me feel better because I’m the baby-baby! (don’t worry – I won’t tell the others!)
I love you, Ava-Ave

Now from some adults in Sandra's world:
Sandra, Well, there really is no one else I can be me around and get away with it. We have the perfect personalities to compliment each other. You are the only person who can make me smile when I am having a bad day and you have a way of reading my mind and knowing when and what to do at the right times. Sorry, but I have not yet got the mind reading thing down, wish I would get that soon, it would save us a lot of grief. Seriously, you and I see the world differently from most people, right now we are focused so much on our kids that we sometimes forget about each other, that could cause problems in certain relationships, but not ours. We both want more for others than we do ourselves, I hope you understand that I am here for you and my love and respect for you can not be measured in words or actions. We may not kiss every day, but that does not mean our love for each other is not stronger than than ever. We have a lot to be thankful for, but I am most thankful that you have completed my life in a way that few people will ever understand. I have a strong appreciation for you and what you do every day , even if I forget to tell you or act like I don't understand. You have the toughest job of all, that being married to me, just kidding, you know what I am talking about. Anyway, I hope your birthday is filled with love and joy and I look forward to spending many more in the years to come. Take time for yourself and never be afraid to ask me for a break. I know how stressing things can get around the house and I want you to always know that I am here to help you and I love you more than you will ever know. Happy birthday, one more and then I can for real refer to you as my old lady....Love ya lots, Matt - you make me smile.

Sissy, My favorite thing about you is how you make it so easy to help with the babies and Hannah Noelle. You set the schedule and dictate absolutely everything that goes on in the house (which is good and bad), but without you we’d be a much more tired and chaotic group. I’m so proud to be your sister and friend. Thank you so much for giving me such beautiful nieces and nephews and trusting me enough with your precious family to live with you so that I can watch them grow every day. Happy Birthday and I love you! Andrea

Sandra, Our favorite thing about you is that now you have your own nursery full of children - our grandchildren! You used to always go by the nursery when it was time to go home from church and had to be there until all the babies were gone! You loved baby sitting and also made a great nanny for others. Your job has just begun but we know that you are quite capable and willing and that with God's help you will excel in the task of having 5 children in less than 4 years and raising them to be a blessing to you and Matt, as you are to us!!! Love you, MOM and DAD

We hope you have an AWESOME day! You are very special to us all!! We LOVE you!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Christmas Card

Merry Christmas!!!
As you can see Gunner and Lauren are my Hams!!
They are out of birth order in the group picture because Gunner was squishing Cannon when we sat them that way!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

How do you say.....

Thank You when Thank You just isn't enough???
My sister, Andrea, a/k/a PaePae, gave up her food (threw up) when she found out I was having triplets. When she found out it was quads, she gave up everything......
My quad journey changed the Cochran household in more ways than 4. Andrea starting working diligently to find a job in Mississippi so she could move back from Texas and help us. She did just that. She gave up an AMAZING job, an even more amazing house (to move in to a small bedroom and a bathroom she shares with a 4 year old), some of the best friends (thank you Robin and Heather for letting her come back) and so many other things I can't even begin to list them all. Matt and I can say, WITHOUT a doubt, we couldn't have done it without her and still couldn't do it without her.

The funny part about both of my deliveries, the one in Mississippi (Hannah Noelle) and the one in Alabama (Cannon, Gunner, Lauren & Avery) is that there were some amazing people in the waiting room who got a call from a Proud Aunt in Texas to let them know the baby/babies were here. That's right... Matt called from the OR in both deliveries to let "My Sissy" know I was okay and the baby/babies were healthy. I wanted her to be present in both deliveries, but the emergency nature and my denial that I was actually in labor with Hannah Noelle left her four hours, driving as fast as she could, away from us. She knew I was going to have her that day before I did because she wasn't in denial and already had 4 hours of the trip under her belt when I called to say, it's really happening!! No one held HN besides Matt and myself until she got there! Then, with the babies, there was no way to plan ahead to make sure she could be here either. So, when my brother's cell phone rang in the waiting room at USA Children's & Women's and he saw her name pop up, he announced to everyone, I bet she's calling to give us the birth announcement. Indeed she was. I mean, sheesh, she's My Sissy, what did they expect. I'm so proud that HN, Lauren and Avery will get to experience the most amazing bond of having a sister (scratch that) best friend!!!
Here's some pictures of her that I'm sure I'll get in trouble for posting... she'll say, my hair wasn't fixed right, I didn't have makeup on, look what I'm wearing... when the truth is you're so beautiful anyway without all of that! And even if you weren't pretty, which you are, you're so beautiful inside, it wouldn't matter!!! WE LOVE YOU PAE-PAE!!!!
Andrea with Hannah Noelle!!!

Cannon <--------

Gunner ------>

Lauren <--------

Avery -------->

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Way to Go......


I have to send a special thank you out to my husband!! He is above and beyond, in my eyes of course, the best daddy ever!!

Today was Pajama Day for my daughter at school. Matt is the one that takes her and picks her up. Well, Daddy forgotted (that's Hannah Noelle's words!) Instead of just taking her in class and telling her to get over it or making her wait for her Pae-Pae to bring her pajamas, he turned his ole' truck (he'd probably say OLD truck) around and came home and changed her back into her jama-jams! Isn't that the best daddy ever!!! So, to any of his bosses reading the blog, sorry he was late to work, but in a four year old's eyes, it was way worth it!!

Love You Daddy!!

Matt's Favorite picture of HN. She was being a scary monster in his coaching shirt!!
Daddy waiting to go back in OR for Hannah Noelle's birth!!Daddy holding Hannah Noelle for the first time!!

Daddy and HN sleeping in one of her many hospital stays after she was born!!!
Daddy and HN after Christmas Jama Day last year!!!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Picture Tag..... You're It!!

Well, it's 7 am, the babies are still asleep and I'm bored (yes, there is plenty to do, just don't feel like doing it!)!! I noticed Suz (who always has the cutest post) had a new one. I, of course, went to see it and it was Picture Tag, so here goes nothing......

The object of the picture tag is to:

1) Choose the 4th folder where you store your pictures on your computer

2) Select the 4th picture in the folder

3) Explain the picture

4) Tag 4 people to do the sameNO CHEATING! (cropping, editing, etc!)

Here is mine!

It's very very obvious I didn't cheat!!! I wouldn't even post this when I was pregnant!!! Can't believe I'm saying it, but, man, I miss that belly! Feeling four babies move inside you is something you can never explain to anyone unless they've been there!! This was ten days before I had the babies!!

Instead of tagging four people, I'm going to do what Suz did and tag you..... leave me a comment with your blog address, myspace page, whatever site you use and let me see your # 4!!

Have a great day!!!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Brotherly Love

I Love this picture because it seems they're looking up at me saying.... it was him, not me, mom!!
Gunner obviously couldn't find his paci, so his brother's head was the next best thing!!!
Gunner's Christmas picture!
Cannon's Christmas picture. He REFUSED to smile for the camera!!
Just wanted you to see how truly massive this chunk is!!
Cannon is in a close second to Gunner though!!

Well, as you can see the boys love each other! We lay them on opposite sides of their bed and by morning they're right beside each other with some portion of their body touching or holding the other one. It's so sweet. If Cannon finishes his bottle first and we lay him down to go to sleep he will generally cry until Gunner is in the bed with him and then the next ten minutes is the two moving the best they can to get close to each other.

The most recent weights are a little old because, thank goodness, we've been able to stay healthy!! Gunner's most recent was 11 pounds, 4 ounces and Cannon's was 9 pounds. Gunner is just massive. If you pick him up and then pick Lauren up next you just about throw her over your shoulder because the weight difference is almost 5 pounds. I never really thought 5 pounds would be such a big deal!
We go next Friday for 4 Month shots, Synagis Shots and for Cannon to have his iron checked. I'm sure that visit with include many blog-worthy pictures!!!

Our schedule has gotten MUCH better since we have added the cereal to every bottle, not to mention that the reflux is much, much better and we have even managed to quit taking Zantac. I'm still on the fence on whether Avery needs the Zantac, she still has some major urps every now and then. Notice I didn't say spit up, it's not spit up, it's the whole bottle!!! We now feed them at 8 am, 12 pm, 4 pm, 8 pm and 2 am. So, so much better on our sleep!! They are all gaining weight and growing developmentally, so we must be doing something right!!! Our doctor is going to let us start vegetables on Gunner soon because big boy needs some real food!! He takes his cereal with a spoon like a champ and she said, he's just ready!! Go Gun-Man Go!!!

The Christmas tree is up, 90 percent of the presents are wrapped, Christmas cards are ordered, envelopes are filled out, thank you notes are FINALLY written, the clothes are all washed.... whew, it's been a busy week!!!
Well, here's some pictures of the girls, I just couldn't leave them out, plus their outfits are so stinking cute... Thanks Mrs. Brenda!

Lauren is always, always smiling, but for some reason, she did not want to for this picture!
Lauren's Christmas Picture.This is an Avery smile! If she could talk her deep voice would say, enough already mom.. go away!!

See what I mean about the spitting up!?!?!

This is Hannah Noelle's Christmas picture!This is Hannah Noelle's first Christmas picture! Who do you think looks most like her?

This is Hannah Noelle when she was 3 months old. In this picture, who looks the most like her?

Hope everyone has a great week!!!