Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Hannah Noelle say WHAT....

Say who say what say how say WHAT? Anyone that knows my sweet angel and talks to her longer than five minutes and says something exciting will get a Mommy say what say who say what say how say WHAT?
I did a post for my husband, one for my sister, my sister did one for me and now it's time for Hannie's post!! First, I need to let you know why we sometimes call her Hannie. We do the momma, momma, bo-bama, fa-nana-fanna-fo-fama, me-my-mo-momma, Momma all the time and well, Hannah Noelle didn't work for that!! She refuses to be called Hannah, so we couldn't do that, so Hannie just worked. Hannie, hannie, bo-bannie, fa-nana-fannie-fo-fammie, me-my-mo-mannie, Hannie!
I have to let you know what she did for my birthday! My sister-in-law and brother gave me a gift card to my favorite restaurant and my sister gave us a hotel room for a night so we had a Get A Way. We hated to leave, but we needed some us time and some for real sleep!! Hannah Noelle was not real excited that we left, but she made the most of it. (The grammar that's coming up is straight out of the mouth of a 4 year old!) She and Pae-Pae baked-ed me a cake and put sea life on it! She tricked-ed me when I got home and made me think she was gone and that the cake was for her friend Karsen Mary-Lee (That's not how it's spelled, that's how she says it!) Then, on my actual birthday she woke me up by singing Happy Birthday in some other style than the traditional Happy Birthday and then hurried and got dressed. She then took me to eat. She first tried-ed Scram-fron's (Scranton's) which was my favorite restaurant near where I used to work. Then she tried-ed Petit Bois, which she knew was my second favorite. Both were closed for the holiday so she taked-ed me to Mexico (the Mexican Restaurant.) She buy-ded my food for me with her very own money that had different presidents on the dollars. (That was probably the most impressive thing she said all day!) She then taked-ed me to the store where she gotted me some new clothes with her own money. I've finally accepted that I will probably never fit back into my old jeans! :( The rest of the day was followed with good manners, sweet loving, a really long nap and the most beautiful two dollar and 99 cent wishbone necklace you have ever seen!! She didn't stop there!
The next day, which was yesterday, she decided I needed to have a PARTY! She and her daddy took me bowling because, you know, there are such things as Bowling Parties! (She said that, not me!) And one more impressive thing that she did.... She went for a play date yesterday because preschool is closed for two weeks and I asked her, Hannah Noelle, what do you do if you're ready to come home. She said, I say, Mrs. Amanda, please call my mommy at ***-****. She said our number perfectly!! We've practiced it before but I never really thought she listened! She made me so proud!!
So, here's to you, Hannie!! WE LOVE YOU!!!!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe how big Hannah Noelle has gotten! Brayden just said is that Hannah Noelle? I want to go see her. Sounds like you had an amazing birthday!~Much Love & Happy New Year, Holley Perkins

Anonymous said...

I just love that girl! Give her a big hug from Mrs.Kelli