Saturday, January 3, 2009

We Have a Tooth!!!

Holy Cow, time sure flies!! Seems like yesterday we had babies, now we have a tooth!! Can you guess which Hunk or Hunkess of burning love has a Chunk O' Ivory? Test your luck at the poll to your right. It started two days ago with a little irritability, I ignored it. Then a little temperature, I ignored it. Lots of drooling, I made fun of him/her. Didn't sleep during nap, I was concerned. Then a beautiful smile and a -- Matt, come here, what's that? Well, it's a tooth, just the little edge, but enough to cause some mayhem! Well, I didn't have any Baby Orajel, sure didn't think I'd need it this soon, so we had to run down the road to a friend's house, borrow some to get us through the night until a Wal-Mart trip tomorrow!!
If you already know which Muffin it is, please don't spoil it for everyone else in the comment section!!!
Love ~ The Cochran Crew!!!!


Tubre Quads said...

I think it is the exciting!


jag said...

Jillian's vote, of course, is for Gunner!

Moni Graf said...

Holy cow! A tooth already? Man, my kids were behind in that department.

I've gotta go with my girl, Lauren.

Can't wait to find out!


The Carlsons said...

i'm gonna have to vote for gunner, the big man on campus ;)

good luck with the toofers! hopefully your kiddos won't be pills with the pearly whites. luckily, our girls haven't been bad with them. currently, they're all popping out some upper tusks like crazy. yikes! :P

thanks for sharing! and can't wait to see who it is!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.5yo boy

Anonymous said...

that is awesome!! I went with the big one... gunner.. I'm curious to know which one it is though!


King Quads said...'s Addison King vote is for Cannon <3

Misty said...

How exciting! Teeth! It seems to be goign around, mine are having their 2-yr molars in. Time really does fly!
MOM to gggg quads