Friday, May 13, 2011

Well, Hello There!!!!

Not going to make any promises that I’m back for good or that I’m going to be a loyal blogger, but I am going to try……
We have so much fun things planned for the summer and have had some great fun over the last… has it really been 7 months?
Here’s a quick recap to refresh your brain…
Daddy ~ Matt
Mommy ~ Sandra
Sissy ~ Hannah Noelle
Can-Man, Can-Can ~ Cannon
Big Boy, Gunna ~ Gunner
Laura Kate, Baby Harper ~ Lauren
Bug, Girls ~ Avery
Pae Pae ~ Andrea (my sister)
Coach ~ Stephen (my brother)
Kae-Pae ~ Kristy (my brother’s wife)
Jayce ~ my nephew
Me-Mom ~ my mom
Pe-Pop ~ my dad
Nana ~ Matt’s mom
Papa ~ Matt’s step-dad
Bebe ~ Matt’s step-mom
PawPaw ~ Matt’s dad
I think that’s about all the people that have funky names! I’m sure as the blogging continues you will hear more crazy names my kids have dubbed people!

And since it’s been so long since a picture, I’ll give you a quick look at their Christmas picture!