Thursday, December 18, 2008

How do you say.....

Thank You when Thank You just isn't enough???
My sister, Andrea, a/k/a PaePae, gave up her food (threw up) when she found out I was having triplets. When she found out it was quads, she gave up everything......
My quad journey changed the Cochran household in more ways than 4. Andrea starting working diligently to find a job in Mississippi so she could move back from Texas and help us. She did just that. She gave up an AMAZING job, an even more amazing house (to move in to a small bedroom and a bathroom she shares with a 4 year old), some of the best friends (thank you Robin and Heather for letting her come back) and so many other things I can't even begin to list them all. Matt and I can say, WITHOUT a doubt, we couldn't have done it without her and still couldn't do it without her.

The funny part about both of my deliveries, the one in Mississippi (Hannah Noelle) and the one in Alabama (Cannon, Gunner, Lauren & Avery) is that there were some amazing people in the waiting room who got a call from a Proud Aunt in Texas to let them know the baby/babies were here. That's right... Matt called from the OR in both deliveries to let "My Sissy" know I was okay and the baby/babies were healthy. I wanted her to be present in both deliveries, but the emergency nature and my denial that I was actually in labor with Hannah Noelle left her four hours, driving as fast as she could, away from us. She knew I was going to have her that day before I did because she wasn't in denial and already had 4 hours of the trip under her belt when I called to say, it's really happening!! No one held HN besides Matt and myself until she got there! Then, with the babies, there was no way to plan ahead to make sure she could be here either. So, when my brother's cell phone rang in the waiting room at USA Children's & Women's and he saw her name pop up, he announced to everyone, I bet she's calling to give us the birth announcement. Indeed she was. I mean, sheesh, she's My Sissy, what did they expect. I'm so proud that HN, Lauren and Avery will get to experience the most amazing bond of having a sister (scratch that) best friend!!!
Here's some pictures of her that I'm sure I'll get in trouble for posting... she'll say, my hair wasn't fixed right, I didn't have makeup on, look what I'm wearing... when the truth is you're so beautiful anyway without all of that! And even if you weren't pretty, which you are, you're so beautiful inside, it wouldn't matter!!! WE LOVE YOU PAE-PAE!!!!
Andrea with Hannah Noelle!!!

Cannon <--------

Gunner ------>

Lauren <--------

Avery -------->


T said...

That has to be one of the sweetest blog posts I have ever read. Thanks for the morning cry.

RADstitches said...

WOW! Sounds like you and your sissy have a wonderful bond. That is VERY touching.

Andria said...

And she's got the greatest name!

jag said...

I got such goosebumps reading about how WONDERFUL your "Sissy" is! What a blessing! By the way, her hair is PERFECT in EVERY pic! I've tried to do that "do" SO many times to no avail! As a matter if fact, some attempts were down right disturbing! One word -- JEALOUS!

Anonymous said...

Andrea is the best and I am sure she is loving every second she is there to help with your beautiful family. That is just the person she is. I hope all of you have a very Merry Christmas, just remember that you have recieved the best gift ever, a happy and healthy family. All of you are in our prayers daily.

Much Love,
Amy Wells Rowell

The Carlsons said...

you are VERY blessed to have such a loving and awesome sister! prais God for her!

-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4yo boy