Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Way to Go......


I have to send a special thank you out to my husband!! He is above and beyond, in my eyes of course, the best daddy ever!!

Today was Pajama Day for my daughter at school. Matt is the one that takes her and picks her up. Well, Daddy forgotted (that's Hannah Noelle's words!) Instead of just taking her in class and telling her to get over it or making her wait for her Pae-Pae to bring her pajamas, he turned his ole' truck (he'd probably say OLD truck) around and came home and changed her back into her jama-jams! Isn't that the best daddy ever!!! So, to any of his bosses reading the blog, sorry he was late to work, but in a four year old's eyes, it was way worth it!!

Love You Daddy!!

Matt's Favorite picture of HN. She was being a scary monster in his coaching shirt!!
Daddy waiting to go back in OR for Hannah Noelle's birth!!Daddy holding Hannah Noelle for the first time!!

Daddy and HN sleeping in one of her many hospital stays after she was born!!!
Daddy and HN after Christmas Jama Day last year!!!


Andrea said...

Matt - It really has to be said that I think you're the best brother-in-law ever too! I'm so glad Sandra found you - nobody could love her like you do!

Tracey Tolbert said...

Yes, I have to agree with you on that one...Way to Go Matt...not too many parents would do that for that for their child....Good luck to you and the family!

RADstitches said...

That is the sweetest thing that I have ever heard! That sounds like something my hubby would do for one of our girls! Sounds like our girls are very lucky to have super sweet dads!!

Anonymous said...

Way to go Matt!!! Just what we would do also!!! Kami's Mom here in Phoenix, these things are SO important to our little ones, and ANY quad big Sister or Brother should get whatever they want in my book! I am sure Maya and Jace and your HN could have a good converstion on this subject! You guys work so hard to still make HN so special I LOVE that!
no C-section date yet,(Dr. Elliot visit in morning)

jag said...

Go Matt! You rock!