Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ma’am, Your Dogs Battery is Dead!

From the second those words came out of my mouth, a post was brewing in my head.  It  was just way too funny not to share. 
In the little town where I live even if you’re 5 miles apart, you’re neighbors.  We’re all friendly, it’s just how we roll! Well, I have two neighbors on my road most commonly referred to as “The Twins.”DD2Denise and Deanna
The day after I had the babies they came and visited me at the hospital and I offered to bring them up to see the babies.  Well, that’s a rule breaker in the NICU, only two people at each bedside and they couldn’t go in together because a parent or someone on the approved list had to go in with them.  Long story short, I broke the rules, brought them both in, Shame on Me! Well, I was drugged, to say the least, mildly sedated.  I had given birth to quads less than 24 hours ago, for everyone’s sanity and/or safety I was on a significant amount of medicine.  When asked by one of the babies nurses if they were my sisters (I’m assuming she thought multiples “ran in the family”) I said, no, they’re just my neighbors.  Yes, I admit it now, denied it then, but they are also my friends! So, since I referred to them as my neighbors it’s been a running joke.  I referred to them here and here in a jokingly manner as “my neighbors.”
Focus Sandra, Focus… Dog, battery… Focus!
Deanna has a cute little dog named Dixie Dog.bmp  Dixie has an underground fence and has this cool collar on her neck.comfort-fit-big-dog-trainer Well, when the batteries go dead, Dixie has free roam of the neighborhood.  Today was the second time I’ve found Dixie roaming around and when I called “my neighbor” I said, Excuse me, ma’am, your dogs battery is dead!
Okay, so maybe it was a little more funny to have been there, but it’s not too often you hear or speak the words, Ma’am, your dogs battery is dead.  Now I know the drill, I just get Dixie to jump in the van, we head to Deanna’s and I put her in her kennel and call Deanna to put batteries on her Wal-Mart list!

Have a Great Week!


Charity Donovan said...

I love you miss Sandra & your fabulous story telling ways!!! HUG yourself for me!!!!!!

Jac Tubre said...

You crack me up woman...seriously!

Miss you tons!


Following HIM said...

Hilarious woman! Miss you sweet woman!

Kelly Trullinger said...

Love you girl! Cute post;)