Tuesday, February 10, 2009

We Ruined Her Image!!

And boy, she was not Happy!! We always joke about Avery being Punk-A-Rella, well, today, I made her be a Princess!!
You can see the excitement beaming from her face!! She had to have a VCUG done today so she had an outing with Mommy and she got all dressed up!! This is right before they inserted the catheter! She had NO idea she was fixing to be violated!!
This is Hannah Noelle in the same dress, same age!!
Hannah Noelle and I are going through a stage, I guess you would call it, where she thinks she is smarter than I am! I mean, after all, she is the one going to school, I just stay home every day. This is a picture from this weekend when it was really cold. She wanted to wear her silk nightgown outside. I explained to her that it was really cold. She gave me that, I know more than you look, so I decided to strike a deal! I said, Hannie, it's cold out there, I promise you it's cold. You put on whatever clothes you think you need, but when you say, I'm cold, we're going to stay out there another 5 minutes! (I would have never really done that, but it made her feel like she was the one running this game!) If you look closely you'll see 1) A long sleeve shirt 2) Her silk night gown 3) Some velour pants 4) Some furry socks 5) A Hat and gloves 6) A jacket with a hood!! Boy did she outsmart me in my Yoga pants and a T-Shirt!! We only lasted about 2 minutes outside!!
Lauren being as sweet as always! She now has her ears pierced like Avery's!
The Can-Man with those pretty blues!!! He's such a sweet sweet soul!!!

Gunner with his double chins and his hair like he likes it! He's always smiling!!


King Quads said...

I love love love seeing pictures of these babies. They get cuter everytime I look at them.

Andrea said...

I LOVE that look on Avery's face in the first picture - that "Yeah, I'm in a dress...what's it to you?" look! And then what would a post about Avery be about without one of her sucking that thumb!?! Thank goodness she found that thing!!!!

Charity Donovan said...

LOVE THOSE CHEEKS!!! Love the dress BOW!!! So cute! How is Avery doing? I hope all is well! Hugs!

Anonymous said...

Awww, poor baby. She had to do the VCUG. How did it go? I hope you got good results. I went through that with Jade. Can I say NIGHTMARE!!! Of course, she had been through every test and procedure I think that was out there. And I think Avery looks just like Hannah Noelle. They are all beautiful!
Holley Perkins

William, Megan and Avery said...

Your babies are precious! And poor Avery... :)

Our Avery is definitely a princess!


jag said...

What a great post! First of all, Avery certainly looked just like a princess! She was a precious as her big sissy in that dress. Lauren, Can-man, and Gunner, I just want to hug you up! You are such a cute crew!

Cochran Quads said...

We should have official results of VCUG tomorrow, but we were told today that everything looked good! Sorry I didn't post that, just wanted to wait until we had "official" results! Thanks so much!

Moni Graf said...

How freakin' adorable are they?! Their personalities just become more and more apparent. They're getting HUGE....I just started giggling like a little school girl when I scrolled down to Gunner's pic! LOVE THE CHUB (and double chin).

Awesome news on the almost official results of the VCUG. But let us know "for sure", too.

Love ya!

ZippityDoDaw said...

Something about mom's of multiples just warms my heart. Whenever I see comments from moms of triplets, quads etc, I just have to take a peek. I am just so impressed and awed! Your babies are gorgeous! The little boys so handsome and the girls so beautiful and precious. Keep up the amazing work! Wendy

tarismarie said...

Okay...I freakin' love Avery in a dress!!! She is so so so cute and looks just like HN in that dress with the bow and bracelet!!!! She can still be punk-a-rella but we gotta talk about those earrings she is "talking" about wanting. :-)All the pictures are fabulous!!! Gunner's hair rocks by the way!!! Give them all (all 5) kisses for me! I miss them! See you soon!

The Carlsons said...

yes, we have a "know-it-all" in our home too. ahem...big brother. maybe it's an older sibling thing? maybe it's the age? maybe it's just...well, them trying to be little people. in any case, i know it's tiring for mama ;)

avery is too precious in that outfit. and i still think lauren looks like a mini-hannah. too funny!

thanks for sharing!
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.75yo boy


SOOOO cute!!!!
Jace had a VCUG done about a year ago- ICK!!! He was almost 3 and it was awful. Will watch for results. Those kids are soooo cute you have there! Kami

The McNulty Family said...



quadmom said...

Your babies are so adorable! Congratulations on reaching 6 months. Things just get easier and more fun. My quads are 20 months now. Thanks for commenting on my blog.
Love, Jayne Cluff and Cluff Quads

Christine said...

Love your children's beautiful smiles!

Suzanne said...

awwwww! sweet baby girl with her bow!!! love the pics!!!