Monday, February 9, 2009

If These Babies Could Talk

Matt, Andrea and I often sit around talking like the babies. I know, I know, we're dorks. It all started when we were doing the 3 feeds in the middle of the night and we had to do something to keep from hurting each other!! So, here's a few things each baby would say and the voice they would say it in!!!

Cannon (not so deep, kind of sweet voice)
I AM the oldest!!
Please quit telling people I'm a Ninny!!
I'm the leader of this pack!
I LOVE to sleep!

Gunner (In a VERY gruff, deep, slow speaking voice!)
I was the First home, that means I AM older!
I'm not fat, I'm big boned!
I'm not fat, I have a slow metabolism!
I love it when my mommy gets my hair like I like it.

Lauren (In a sweet little librarian voice!)
Can I please go to the library!
Could you please tell Avery to quit crying?
Can we have a Spanish Baby Einstein, I've got this English one licked!!
Avery is a thumb sucker, Avery is a thumb sucker!
You've ordered my pearl necklace and cardigan, right?

Avery (Also a gruff voice!)
Can my color be black instead of purple?
Can you spike my hair like Gun-Man's?
Why do you insist on calling me baby, I like Punk-a-rella better!
Can my earrings be skulls and crossbones instead of these girly studs?

And, of course, they would each want to send a shout out for their soul mate! More on that for Valentine's Day!!
Love from the Cochran Crew!!


Kaleigh said...

Here is a little more humor for you, every time I talk to Poppy he asks how those "quaTRIPLETS" of Sandra's are doing.. Ha, he tries!
- Kaleigh

Cochran Quads said...

Kae-Kae ~
I don't know if that's as funny as the fact that when Pop came in the other day he thought they were Laura Grace's baby dolls. He didn't realize they were real!! Hannah Noelle still LOVES Poppy! He was the only one that could ever calm her down back in her CRAZY days!! Love you Honey!! You're going to be home for Easter right?

Andrea said...

Muffins - this is your PaePae. I realize how goofy we sound when we talk to y'all about y'all! What can I say - you are all destined to be dorks like us!!! It's just a fact...sorry!

Anonymous said...

Of course! Actually, I'll also be home the thursday before mardi gras! I'm trying to figure out how to do this.... do you think i could leave school thursday and sleep on your couch and hang out for a night? I miss ya'll! Let me know!