Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Flashback #2

I'm starting a series of Flashbacks of my life. Flashback #1 was posted yesterday. So, cheers, here's to.....
Matt and I spoke very rarely on the phone. He was and still is very old-fashioned. He would only call my home for me and would not call past 8 pm. We decided to go on our first date on the following Saturday after a baseball game. Well, that baseball game took all day! By the end of the day we were sunburned, tired, irritable and did I mention the team lost? I didn't want to go, didn't have the heart to cancel, he didn't want to go, didn't have the heart to cancel. He came by the house after the game to tell me that he was going to run home (30 miles away) get showered up and he would be back. I wasn't at home, I had run over to a friends house to do girly things, you know, figure out what to wear. He told my mom the info and she said she would relay the message. She called and I hurried home to get dressed. You have to understand, we were EXHAUSTED!! He came to pick me up about two hours later and off we went. We got to dinner, you know, the meal I chose and we sat down at the booth and he said, I need to go use the pay phone to call in the stats from the ball game. He came back a few seconds later and said, geez, when did a phone call start costing 35 cents. Needless to say, I let him borrow a dime! That was just the beginning of the duties of a coach's girlfriend, wife, yada, yada! The dinner went smooth although we were both about to fall asleep in our plates. Off to the movies we went. I remember doing everything I could to stay awake on the ride to the movies. Then, Mr. Spider made his appearance. Down the front of the windshield, back up again, down, up. I just sat there wanting to say something, trying not to laugh. Finally I said, um, there's a spider in your truck. He said, yeah, that happens alot! Now that I live in the woods where he lived at that time I can so see why it happens alot! Two more funny things about the date..... We ran into one of his baseball players and didn't really want him to know we were there "together." We kind of dodged the question all together. After leaving, I'm pretty sure we both slept at some point during the movie, I saw a license plate that I couldn't figure out what it said. I said, Matt, what's that tag mean. He said, which one. The one right in front of us. Oh, I can't read that far. WHAT?!? You can't read that tag on the car in front of us? No, can you? Well, yeah. Our second date, you guess where it was, the Eye Doctor. She actually asked Matt, did you drive over here!
I promise I won't give the details of every date, the next post will be a summary of our dates and then off to the Proposal! It's pretty funny!! Still trying to get some pictures scanned!


Tiffy's World said...

This is cool, thanks for sharing!

Sharon said...

What a sweet story. Keep'em coming!