Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Cannon Gregory Cochran


Ninny Boy




Momma’s Boy

Today is Cannon’s special day! One year ago today Cannon joined us at our home in Mississippi! IMG_0357Cannon, at first, was our hardest baby.  Everything and I do mean EVERYTHING set him off, sent him into a whirlwind of screams and then in October my little dude got very sick and got readmitted to the hospital for a long 10 days.  In that time the girls got admitted along with Gunner, but it was Cannon and mommy for 10 whole days! He was pitiful, his IV was in his scalp, just pitiful.  Well, something magical happened in those 10 days and Cannon decided he didn’t want to hold the title of “Most Spirited Baby” and he became a sweet baby, but a momma’s baby! I have to admit, I love having one that thinks I hung the moon and plugged in the stars just for him!

Cannon loves to eat, but if I’m not the one feeding him, I can’t be anywhere near or he screams and refuses to eat! He is our best milk, juice, water, whatever you give him drinker! I hand out milk sippies after breakfast and Cannon immediately finishes his and sits like a lion ready to pounce on whomever will throw their cup down when their done.  Cannon is our only official walker, meaning he would rather walk than crawl.  He has 5 teeth and is SUPER strong.  If the other three touch him, graze him as they crawl by, he screams, he likes to be left alone.  Lately he hasn’t done so well with his glasses, but I think that’s mostly because they’re scratched so badly!!
Can-Man, we LOVE YOU!IMG_0259 IMG_0251

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The McNulty Family said...

OMG.. that face! Too sweet for words.. I just wanna squooooosh his little self!

I love you Can-Man, you little lady killer!!


jag said...

Oh, Cannon Cochran... How I adore you!

Wendy H Copeland said...

I want to EAT him up! So stinkin' cute!

Lauren said...

Cannon, you are adorable and clearly a very special boy :)

Andrea said...

Cannon -
Oh, how you can melt your PaePae's heart! Nobody gives lovin' like you do! I love the way you squeal when you're excited and the twinkle your baby blues get when you're happy!
I love you Can-Man!

Suzanne said...

sweet little C-dawg! happy special day! you keep on rockin' those glasses, sweet thang!

Charity Donovan said...

OMG....he was such a lil hard to believe, isn't it?!?!? He is such a little doll baby Sandra!!!! Miss you!!!! Hugs!