Monday, September 21, 2009


Okay, okay, it’s not as exciting as the title sounds, but it’s exciting to us!! We got a Runabout!!!

Our story in getting the RA is quite crazy, but was so worth every second of research! We have wanted this stroller from the beginning, but just could not afford a new one! I have googled, I have looked on Craigslist, E-Bay, you name it! One night I was spending a little time relaxing on the internet while Matt was at a football game, Hannah Noelle was with friends and the babies were sleeping.  I Googled Craigslist Runabout.  Wa-La.  There was one listed and it said Clinton.  Silly me thinks, oh Clinton, Mississippi….duh, other states have cities named Clinton too, but in the excitement of the moment I didn’t even think that far and shot “Tom” an e-mail.  He responded the next day and we started negotiating, then I realized, it wasn’t Mississippi, it was Tennessee! My hopes declined immediately! :( The next day Matt and I were running errands and my phone beeped that I had an e-mail.  I saw that it was from Tom and started reading, saddened once again that I wasn’t going to get my Runabout! He said, are you Sandra Cochran from the Cochran Quads in South Mississippi (he googled me!) If so, I have free shipping arrangements to deliver it about an hour north of you! I couldn’t respond fast enough! His sister-in-law lives north of me and was traveling (via U-Haul) from his home back to her home in the next week! And that, my friend is how I came to be the proud honor of a Runabout!!!!!
We got the Runabout, ordered the cargo carrier and got the hitch installed on the mini.  I know, that’s doesn’t even sound right, does it? We could not wait to go for a ride! Well, Saturday we made a day out of it! We started early and went to a friend’s 1st Birthday party, went to eat at Barnhills and then headed to Bass Pro Shop, followed by a Wal-Mart trip and then home with five sleepy babies! It was sooooo fun to get out and be able to walk through aisles and go through normal sized doors! RAbout9It’s WAY easier than four high chairs!!RAbout4Yeah, I got Mashed Potatoes on my face, what’s it to ya?RAbout31 Gunner + Food = BIG SMILERAbout2 Avery is SUCH A HAMMMM!!!RAbout3  I’m full and I’m getting sleepy mommy!RAbout5Dessert please!RAbout6By far our Best Eater!RAbout10I see ice cream!!!RAbout17Daddy taking care of Cannon and LaurenRAbout22I think you missed my mouth, daddy!RAbout24Not a drop on Avery’s bib!RAbout25We made it to Bass Pro where we met up with Paw-Paw and Be-Be hence why Avery is not pictured here! That little girl is so attached to her Be-Be! She cannot, will not, flat out refuses to be in a stroller, on the floor, anywhere when her Be-Be is around, she has to be in her arms!RAbout7Gunner~ There’s nothing to it Avery, you just ride like us!RAbout12RAbout27And you see how long that lasted!RAbout23RAbout29I say it all the time, but doesn’t he look so silly sucking his thumb? He’s just showing his sensitive side!RAbout30

I was so impressed with my freedom that today I took the Fab Five to see Paw Paw, then lunch (thanks again for meeting us Pae-Pae) and then we went to Fred’s (to shop and see Be-Be) and then to Piggly Wiggly (pronounced Pig-aly Wig-aly, just ask Hannah Noelle)! We also lucked up and got to see one of our favorite people and blog followers, Mrs. Terrie! Unfortunately due to poor planning on my part I forgot my camera!
I did, however, remember all 5 babies and the diaper bag!!

Have a GREAT Week!!!


jag said...

Cool story Sandra! It was meant to be! So glad everything worked out and you're enjoying the freedom. And, you quit teasin' Gunna-Boy. He is darling - thumb and all!

Leigh said...

girl! it was meant to be for you to have that RA.. seriously!! I'm so happy you have something that puts a "LIL" flexability there for ya! the babies are getting so big, and HN does a GREAT job being a lil mom :) LOVE ya girl!

Beth said...

Congrats on the RA!! We were also able to buy ours second hand and it is so nice!! Doesn't it handle amazingly!? Yeah, it draws some stares, but our family tends to draw stares and comments anyway. Hope the babies enjoy their fab new ride!!

Charity Donovan said...

What an awesome little story...I would say you & that RA were DESTINED for each other! =) Congrats girl!

Those kiddos get cuter each & everyday! much love to you momma!!!!

Following HIM said...

What a HUGE BLESSING to you guys! I love the fact that he GOOGLED you...too funny!
YAHOO for a run about three wheeler!

Suzanne said...

CUTE CUTE CUUUUUUUUUUUUUUTE!!!! loved all of the freakin pics!!! and hooray for the runabout!!!! BEST INVENTION EVER made for moms of multiples!!! congrats and enjoy your new found freedom!!! hugs!