Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Next year the babies are getting boxes for Christmas!IMGP3986Avery admiring Kae-Pae’s Steamer with Me-Mom!IMGP3994

Now she’s on top of the diapers!IMGP3991 Gunner overjoyed about some new diapers!!IMGP3993

The diaper boxes were even a hit for Sissy!

The next best thing was the paper!!!IMGP3999She was literally inside of the bag!!!
Can you tell she’s the one that pushes all the limits?
And where was Lauren???IMGP3997 IMGP3996She was snuggled with Pae-Pae getting fed Powdered Sugar by Pe-Pop!!
No need to ask where Cannon was, odds are he was in my lap!

We were able to celebrate Christmas with the Pater Family (my mom (Me-Mom) my dad (Pe-Pop) my brother (Coach) my sister-in-law (Kae-Pae) my nephew (Jayce) and my sister (Pae-Pae)) the week before Christmas because my mom had to work Christmas night back in South Carolina! That made Christmas last for over a week, it was WONDERFUL!!
Still to come Christmas with the Cochran’s, the Kirkwood’s and then our family Christmas!

Hope your Christmas was everything you hoped for!

We have a new addition to the Pater Family line-up,
Uncle Dan!!!
Easter 033You may remember the post from Easter where this picture was listed as Pae-Pae and Mister Dan, well, he decided he wanted to be a part of our crazy family----- well, maybe he just decided he loved my sister so much he’d put up with our family and he popped the question Christmas day! We are so excited to welcome Uncle Dan (it’s at least four syllables, just ask Hannah Noelle) to our family!!  


Following HIM said...

Did you not hear that boxes are the best toys around?! The quads seem to be perfectly happy admiring those boxes and eating lots of sugar! Glad you all had a WONDERFUL Christmas and tell your sissy congrats from me!
Love you & Happy Birthday (again):)

Anonymous said...

My dad swears that all you have to do is give a kid a box and paper and they are just as happy! He says it is the truth and there is no need to spend lots of money! So glad yall had a Wonderful Christmas and got to spend it with all of your family! So excited about yalls new edition to the family but I'm curious about one thing~ Will he have a specila name like Pae Pae, Kae Pae, Me Mom and everybody else does? I love all their names! Tell Andrea CONGRATS!!!


Charity Donovan said...

Too cute...boxes are the BEST! Tell your sister congrats!!! Christmas hugs to our quaddie+1 family in the south! Love you all!