Sunday, April 25, 2010

First Came Mommy and Daddy

I got my pictures in this week from
Leighann Scarbrough Photography

There were so many I couldn’t pick favorites and
they were so wonderful that I didn’t want to put them in
collages so that they would be hard to see!
Hope you enjoy this week’s series of pictures!IMG_5343 copy IMG_5269 copy IMG_5275 copy IMG_5276 copy IMG_5279 copy IMG_5282 copy IMG_5283 copy Then we had to take some cute pics in our super cute
Super Mom and Super Dad
shirts from Designed For Babies 

IMG_5360 copy IMG_5354 copy

Now, you know who comes next!!
Hannah Noelle’s pictures will be up some
time Monday afternoon!


Anonymous said...

Awesome pictures! Awesome Mom & Dad! You guys ROCK!!
Love, The Tufnells

Following HIM said...

The pictures look fabulous! You are beautiful Sandra! Love those curls and that smile! Love you!

Lauren said...

Love them all. You guys are adorable!

jag said...

You two are absolutely beautiful! LOVE it! Love you!

Stephanie said...

LOVE them ALL!! You guys are so fun and free spirited!! I love it!
Looking forward to seeing the rest of the pics!!

Leigh said...

The pics are AWESOME!! Love ya girl!

Hilary said...

Those are GREAT pictures of two people who loves each other :)

Charity Donovan said...

I've been seeing these on FB & loving them....BEAUTIFUL! You 2 make such an amazing couple & are such an inspiration! Love you!!!