Thursday, April 22, 2010

Water Park ~ Cochran Style

Sunday afternoon Daddy said, I need to head down to the field and water it a little bit, it’s so hot and dry and we have a home game Tuesday night (which on a side note, WE WON! MP 2010 Div. 7 5A District Champs.) 
I said, you grab the sunscreen, I’ll grab the kids and off we went.  5 bathing suits and at least one happy kiddo! We got to the field, lathered them in sunscreen, Daddy turned on the sprinkler system and we let them run wild.  We went to the Splash Pad last year and it was a complete flop so we weren’t expecting them to like this too much either, but when there is 90,000 square feet of fenced in area, we are so going to try!!!
Ballfield1- Ballfield2- Ballfield3- Ballfield4-

Hope you have a GREAT WEEK!


Jen said...

That is AWSOME! I would have done it too;)

Charity Donovan said...

Yay on the District Champs! Love all the water park pics!!!!

Brandy said...

how stinking cute! Love it!

Amber said...

So much fun! Our husbands would get along fabulously. BTQ my husband also coached. He lived for it. Sadly I put the kabosh on it after they were born. You are a much better woman then me!

Amy-Jo said...

Love your water park, I would be there in an instant :). COngrats on the District Champs.