Thursday, January 22, 2009

Bakery Update

Here's a quick update on the Cupcakes and the Muffins:

The Tubre Quads Update is as follows:
Emma, Tyger and Cullen have double ear infections and RSV. Abbey is clean and clear. The boys are in the hospital with no oxygen but are receiving breathing treatments. All four are on Rocephin shots daily for 3 days.

Gunnery and Avery were admitted on Tuesday night - No RSV, No flu. Gunner is being discharged today. Avery is staying due to bacterial growth in her urine.
Cannon and Lauren are doing better and are getting to hang out at home.

Please keep the Muffins and the Cupcakes in your prayers.

Andrea (for Sandra and Jac)


Charity Donovan said...

Praying that EVERYONE is feeling better soon! I hate to hear about all these sick babies 7 moms & dads! I cannot wait until summer & we are all posting about dips in the pool & playing at the park!!!

Following Him said...

Prayers that EVERYONE FEELS better soon! Hang in there :)

The Carlsons said...

i'm making my blog rounds here ;)

not you guys too?!?! man, oh man! praying everyone gets healthy ASAP! no fun being sick/having sick kiddos. praying it doesn't get any worse!!

always thinking and looking out for my quad mama friends/fams :D
-fellow quad mom of GGGG and a 4.5yo boy

Anonymous said...

OMG GERMS ARE SO MEAN!!! What is going on? I am praying for you guys. I am so sorry this is happening to you. If you need a vent session, im here. Otherwise, stay strong mama! Thinking and praying for you! XOXO Casey

jag said...

Praying for ALL of you! It's challenging enough when they're all well! Hang in there hon.

Mary-Elizabeth Cordle said...

Hope everyone is feeling better soon--are ya'll at USA W&C?