Friday, January 23, 2009

Home Sweet Home!!

We're all home! Avery got discharged around eleven today. She has to be on an oral antibiotic for 10 days and has to follow up with her pediatrician next Wednesday. She will eventually have to have a VCUG to test for kidney reflux. We've got our fingers and toes crossed that goes well!
All four still have the snots and coughs, we're just keeping a really close eye on them. Gunner has a sore on his hand from where the IV was, which with the tape, gauze, etc. became his teething ring. We've got to watch that as well to make sure he doesn't continue to break down the skin which could lead to more problems!
Please continue to keep us in your prayers and take a close look at my blog roll to the right, there are A LOT of sick babies, moms and dads right now who need your prayers as well.


Following Him said...

Prayers go out to you guys!!! I do realize there are a BUNCH of sick babies out there too! Hang in there :)

Diagnose Rachel said...

We had a daughter with kidney reflux and have had 4 VCUG tests. Gotta love putting on the iron approns, they are so classy!
Good luck and it won't last long. If you need any advice for how to get a kid to take daily antibiotics, just shout!

Tubre Quads said...

So glad all are home.

We love you Muffins!

Anonymous said...

Praying for you guys and thinkin of yall lots! I know its rough, but it will get better! Keep on fighting. SLEEP WHEN YOU CAN! XOXO Casey

YaYa's Funhouse said...

I enjoy reading about your babies. I learned of your blog through the Clarion-Ledger. My son has new twin babies, born premature at 30 weeks.
Come on over to my blog and get your Lemonade Award. THis is given to blogger that show great attitudes and I think anyone with your duties would HAVE to have a great attitude. Will be praying for your babies as you pray for our twins.

Moni Graf said...

So glad to hear Miss Avery is back home. Good luck with the VCUG....I know that Suz has been down that road with Sav and probably could help you out with any questions.

Just keep digging in your heels, putting your head down, and pushing on. You'll get through this!

Love ya,

jag said...

You poor little Muffins:( We're praying for you. Jilly sends a special kiss to G-Man's hand.

Anonymous said...

I know you're busy, but I MISS ya'll. Hope you're all feeling much better. Can't wait for an update....following your blog via Tubre's, Baton Rouge.