Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The babies are all sick again! It seems to be never ending! We are CRAZY people when it comes to germs to the point that Hannah Noelle gags at the thought of eating without washing her hands! And will tell you, don't come crying to me if you get sick, daddy, I told you not to eat after me.
It came without any warning! They went to bed fat and happy last night. When I woke up at 6 I asked Andrea how the night went (it was her night.) She said it was great, but someone coughed a good bit. She said every time she got up to see who it was Cannon was the only one moving so she assumed it was him. I laid in the bed for the next hour or so while they were waking up and I heard a cough, I said, oh, that's Lauren. Then another cough, oh crap, that's Avery. Another cough, Cannon. And then the deepest yuckiest cough, Gunner. I began to get them up for their 8:00 bottle and felt each head (you know, I have a thermometer installed in my cheek and it can automatically tell whether they're running a fever!) all felt fine. They are all sneezing, snotting, coughing yet eating, smiling, interacting. We're going to up Saline, up breathing treatments and see where that takes us. We talked with our Pedi and it seems there is a LOT of the flu going around down here so we're safer not going to the doctor unless we spike a fever! I AGREE! I don't want to load them up, drive 30 minutes, unload them, be told they have a cold and then reload them only for them to gain the flu from a doctor's office! Needless to say, please add us back on your prayer list!!
UPDATE: After posting I read through my blog roll and it sounds like everyone has at least one, if not four sick babies! So, when you add my crew to the bunch, add everyone else's too!! Sending well wishes to everyone!!


King Quads said...

Get Better Cochran Quads! I guess I will let you off the hook for not posting any pictures since you are sick...just don't let it happen again. Addison hearts Cannon!

Ande said...


Ande Malinowski age 13

C.O.L.E. Prayer Team

Andria said...

Yes, it seems the season just hit! I hear ya on the big drive to the Dr. just to be told it's a cold and you have to wait it out. Better to wait it out as much as you can at home, right? I hope the snots and sniffles clear up quickly and the babies get well soon!

Following Him said...

Feel better guys! Bless their little hearts! Hang in there :)

jag said...

Goodness! This stinks. I pray your muffins get well soon. Cracking up about that thermometer in the cheek thing. I desperately need one. I think I must be missing that mommy gene. I'm always asking, "Does he/she feel hot to you?" I just don't know!

Tubre Quads said...

I FEEL your pain girl! Got 4 sick ones myself. Gammy spent the night last night and NEVER got to go to sleep...one after another! I was up a few times too...I pray we (the Muffins and the Cupcakes) are on the mend!


Suzanne said...

ugh! goodness gracious! definitely praying for you guys...SO not fun, and NOT easy!!!