Sunday, January 11, 2009

Let's Help Jen Win!!!

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Now for a few questions.....
How do I do the word strike through?
Any ideas on reusing the gallon bottles of Nursery Water and Distilled Water I go through daily?
Any ideas on reusing baby food jars and formula cans?
I hate just throwing all this away!!

Update... Moni, I'm fixing to try succeed!!!


Morgan said...

The baby food jars can be used to store HN paint, baeds, etc. in.

acutescrubnurse said...

I would contact the local schools and preschools, I am sure someone can use all of the items.

Anonymous said...

I agree with contacting your local schools. I use the babyfood jars to make red/white/blue sand jars. Each color represents a color of the flag and has a special meaning. I have used them so students can make butter. I'm sure someone would be able to use them. If you have the plastic baby food containers they are also great for storage - paint, beads, wiggly eyes, etc.

Anonymous said...

Years ago when my kids were little, my father-in-law used the baby food jar out in his workroom. He would take the lids off and nail them to the underside of a shelf and would place different sizes of nuts, bolts, screws, washers, etc in each of them. They were up out of the way but could easily be gotten too. We still have a bunch of them like that out in our workroom, and our kids are 20+. A lot of Girl Scout troops use them from projects as well.

shari said...

Do you have a recycle center near by? All those things could be recycled. You would have enough containers to melt and make a picnic table!!!
I think the school idea is great. When I taught elementary school, I often used the baby food jars for projects and making homemade gifts for parents.
Aunt Shari

Moni Graf said...

I just learned this awesome little strike through things, go to your html and type in:

(less than sign)strike(greater than sign)the word you want to strike(less than sign)/strike(greather than sign)

Blogger won't allow me to put the less than/greater than signs in this comment, so you'll just have to imagine what I'm talking about! Call me if I've just totally confused you!

Sometimes I mix up "/" for "\". One of them strikes the rest of the lines you have written and the other just strikes that word in the middle. Trial and error, baby!

I reused the plastic baby food containers to put my homemade food in. Then I'd pop them in the freezer. Works well, but after you put them in the microwave to thaw, you usually have to throw them out.

Love ya!

Sharon said...

My church used most of them for crafts during summer bible school!