Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Who's Who ~ Answers

Who's Who ~ Part 1
Lauren is by far the best eater, I know her size doesn't show it, but she is!
1. Is the BEST eater.
She will lay in her bed and talk and play with her silky as long as you'll let her!
2. Can lay in the bed happy for hours.
It's just an irresistible smile!
3. Smile can light up the room.
I guess this one comes from being the best eater!
4. Everything automatically goes straight into his/her mouth.
And to think, people say she has none of me in her!!
5. Loves to talk.
Will resist the urge to laugh as long as she can, when she has to, it's short and sweet!
6. Hates to laugh out loud.
Hannah Noelle has hazel, Matt, Cannon, Gunner and Avery have blue and Lauren and Mommy have brown.
7. Has different color eyes than all siblings.
This was probably the first thing I said when I saw her in the NICU. "Oh, sweet baby, you'll never be able to wear flip flops."
8. GINORMOUS feet.
Will hunt down every toy, bring it to her corner and REFUSE to share!
9. Playground Bully!!!!

Who's Who ~ Parte Dois
Anytime you say something in your "sweet voice" to Gunner, he'll tuck his head down! Irresistible!
1. Is the only one with a Shy Bone.
Loves to play with all of the "hi-tech" toys.
2. Interacts the best with toys.
Loves, loves staring and laughing at the ceiling!
3. Totally infatuated with the ceiling.
Can jump higher than me! :)
4. Is part kangaroo.

It's amazing that gravity doesn't take over!
5. Best independent sitter.

On the bottom and oh, so SHARP!
6. Has two teeth.

If you look at him and laugh, he'll laugh back.
7. Easiest to make laugh.

Doesn't matter what brand diaper, how big of a size, he's just a peeing machine!
8. Pee's his/her clothes on a routine basis.

His bed is closest to the blinds (all cords out of reach!) and he will kick them with his feet! It's such a sweet sound!
9. Loves to play in bed for a while before going to sleep.

Who's Who ~ Partie Trois

Avery, albeit an army crawl, can make it anywhere before you bat your eye!
1. Most mobile.
Makes this absolutely annoying yet adorable grr out every time you walk past her!
2. Sounds like a vulture.
Will aggravate Cannon to no end! She knows he's afraid of loud noises so she'll crawl up behind him and start laughing, he in turn, starts screaming!
3. Loves to antagonize.
Would rather not have breakfast, even her breakfast bottle!
4. Hates breakfast.
She'll wake up around 4 most mornings and make her vulture noise a couple of times to see if we'll come, we've learned her tricks so we don't come anymore!
5. Wakes up in the middle of the night on occasion.
She'll smile at the ground, the ceiling, her clothes, her brother crying, anything!
6. Smiles at everything.
Has the most mischievous look, especially when heading towards Cannon.
7. Always looks like he/she is fixing to get in trouble.
We're going to be in BIG trouble if this holds true!
8. Going to be the Ring Leader.
She was on two a day meds on top of all the regular preemie meds for 90 days due to the
TB exposure she had.
9. Takes the prize for most medicine intake.

Who's Who ~Ir-Raba 'Parti
Cannon is a mommy's boy and his girlfriend, Addison, has red hair too!
1. Has a thing for Red Heads.
It's absolutely the most un-normal thing to hear coming out of a baby's mouth!
2. Has the most ear piercing cry.
This stems from having the worst cry!
3. Normally always the first to be fed.
He is a climber! The mattresses don't move down on the little beds and he has tried to make an escape already!!
4. Is the main reason we decided the Port-A-Cribs had to go and we needed bigger cribs.
Up on all fours, down on belly, up on all fours, down on belly! SO CUTE!
5. Official crawler, no army scooting here.
When he gets excited and kicks, it hurts!
6. Strong as an ox.
Hates you to sneeze, cough, laugh, anything!!
7. Scared, scared, scared of loud noises.
If I leave the room and come back in later, he won't look at me, won't talk to me, nothing. It's so sweet, yet so annoying! He'll also be the one crying when Lauren steals his toys!
8. Feelings very easily hurt.
I need to get this on video for you, it's SO sweet! Doesn't make up for the annoying cry, but close!
9. Makes the cutest woo-hoo noise.

I hope you enjoyed playing along!! Most people got the girls right and the boys wrong!
We're headed to the pediatrician this morning, so please say a quick prayer for the babies!
Have a great week!


Charity Donovan said...

Sandra...this is too cute! You will LOVE looking back at this one day! Great lists momma!!!

Leigh said...

This is a precious post! Its amazing how they are all the same yet different. Thanks for sharing their personalities with us! Good Luck at the Ped.
Love ya

Lauren said...

This was such a fun game! Now I feel like I know the personalities of the kids.

jag said...

ONE?! I only got ONE right?! And, I thought I new my Muffins...
Fun game!

Anonymous said...

So preious. I agree that you will love this one day!

Anonymous said...

UGH! I can't believe I got the boys wrong. I guess that means you're gonna have to let me come hang out with them in real life instead of just on the blog so I can get to know them lol.

Jac Tubre said...

Sooo much fun! Thanks for sharing.

Love you girl. Can't wait for you to come visit soon :)


Anonymous said...

Wait a sec... You and Jac are getting together?? We need details :)

Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...

Loved this...so happy to find your blog..I enjoyed reading your blog today. I am still so new to blogging, but love reading others stories.
Everyone has a story and so many of them are so touching....
Hope you will stop by for a visit.
The May give-away has started and this month there will be 10 winners.
I will be blogging from Disney World soon...

Anonymous said...

HAIR GOO!!!! Finally answering...
On behalf of robbie :)

Brand: Got2be
There are two different kinds... but he kind robbie uses is the Got2Be - Defiant. It goes in a little pomade and is available at walgreens, cvs, walmart, any grocery store. Its only like 5 bucks and lasts robbie like two months and he uses a LOT!!

LOVE YOU! Cute pics by the way, i am going to try to get really caught up in the blog world in the next coupel days. IM A BAD FRIEND!!