Monday, April 27, 2009

Who's Who ~ Ir-Raba 'Parti

1. Has a thing for Red Heads.
2. Has the most ear piercing cry.
3. Normally always the first to be fed.
4. Is the main reason we decided the Port-A-Cribs
had to go and we needed bigger cribs.
5. Official crawler, no army scooting here.
6. Strong as an ox.
7. Scared, scared, scared of loud noises.
8. Feelings very easily hurt.
9. Makes the cutest woo-hoo noise.
Which baby do you think this is?


Lauren said...

By process of elimination, this must be Gunner. Plus, I'd think he'd be the first to need a "larger crib" and is "strong as an ox"!

Anonymous said...


(I can't wait to see if I got them right!)

Konnie said...

It would have to be Gunner, he just looks like he would be as strong as an ox.

Amber said...

This would be big man Gunner!

jag said...

Oh man, I already guessed Gunner, but I'm guessing him again here. Sorry Lauren. I couldn't figure out which one is you.