Sunday, May 3, 2009

Old School Photos!

I finally got my scanner hooked up and went through a few old photos I just received back from a friend that was working on a scrapbook for Hannah Noelle and decided with the extra five minutes I had tonight I would see what I could come up with!! My pregnant pictures from my pregnancy with Hannah Noelle.
I wore this shirt in my Quad Pregnancy when I was about 2 months pregnant.
I was two weeks from delivery here!!!
We look SO young!
My Mom, Myself and Andrea
at my cousin's wedding 3 years ago.
The Pater Family
Stephen, Kristy & Jayce
Mom, Andrea, Dad
Matt, Sandra & Hannah Noelle
We used to actually have time to sit!!
Look how bald she is and how LONG my hair was!
One of my favorite Family Pics!!

It was so great to sit and look through old pictures! I can't wait to dig deeper in the bucket and get some real old school pictures of Matt and I dating and our wedding and scan those. Hopefully then I'll be able to start back on my Flashback Series.

Hope you have a GREAT WEEK!


jag said...

Well, I tried to comment the other day when I saw this post, but something was up and there was no place to do it. Glad that's fixed because I SO wanted to tell you how FUN it was to look at your old school photos! You look BEAUTIFUL (as always). I think it's so fun to see who you guys were BQ! Maybe I'll dig through some old school shots myself, but the scanner scares me.

jag said...

OH! AND, you and Andrea have nauseatingly beautiful hair! I mean, one gets perfect ringlets and the other gets voluminous, silky, stay in place hair?! I would say the Cochran girls are set. They've got some good hair genes, that's for sure! I like to call my mop, naturally messy. God help ya Jilly!

Kelly Trullinger said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family! Love the old pics!