Wednesday, May 6, 2009

For My Dearest Addison

Dear Fwiends,
This is Cannon, Can-Man, Ninny Boy! My giwl-fwend and her peeps are in the Top 10 for Cutest Multiples on the Multiples and More Blog. Pwease, pwease click on that link and vote for Number 5. I've been twying weally, weally hard to impwess her bwother and sistas and I think if I get them a few votes, I may just do that! The voting ends on May 11th, but vote, vote, vote until then, PWEASE!!! Aren't they just so cute, especially the third little giwl, that's my giwl-fwend!! And, again, just for the wecord, I'm really not a Ninny Boy!!
Love, Cannon!!

This is Mommy back in the seat, I'm headed out the door to go be with my best friend as she delivers her Baby Girl Kila! This has been a long hard IVF road for her and today we are praying for a very Glorious End with a beautiful smiling face!!! Please keep Valerie, Joey, Zoey and Kila in your prayers!!!


Stephanie said...

That was super cute!!
Go hold that sweet baby girl now!! Good luck to her and her new family!!

Konnie said...

That is some cute babies! Love the big flower headbands. Man i need a girl! Good luck to your friend With her new baby.

King Quads said...

This is Addison sending my Can-man a big huge kiss!

Can't wait to hear all about the new baby girl - you are such a great friend, she is going to be so thankful you are there with her.

Suzanne said...

LOVE that pic of the king quads! everyone go vote!!! and congrats to your friend and baby kila!!!

Lauren said...

Sandra, Thank you for thinking of me on Mother's Day. I really appreciate the comment. I hope you are having a great day with your hubby and 5 beautiful children! You deserve it! How's the house coming?

Cassie said...

They are adorable! I just thought it was a coincidence that I ran into your blog after I voted for your babies a couple weeks ago! I wanted to be fair and vote for the cutest babies,and not just someone I knew!

You have a beautiful family!

Jessica said...

What an adorable picture!