Monday, September 29, 2008

Let the games begin!!!

I promise to do an update soon!!! Everything has fallen in to place so perfectly with Gunner home and now we will be welcoming home Cannon!! Give me a couple days to get used to juggling two and I will post pictures and give updates on everyone!! Just wanted to let everyone know we're all doing well!!
On a seperate note, say special prayers for Avery! She is doing awesome, but some IDIOT was sick and went into her pod over the weekend and has since gone to the doctor and been diagnosed with Tuberculosis!! Like I said IDIOT!! They had to have known they were sick! I mean, geez, even if they had a slight cough they shouldn't have gone in there!! Anyway, as a precaution, she along with everyone else in her pod will have a TB test done tomorrow and a chest x-ray. She will also be put on a medicine that has to be taken daily for three months! Can I say IDIOT again!?! Now, not only do I have four babies that will be on medicines to improve different aspects of their health, I will have to give a preventative medicine every day for three months because someone was an IDIOT!! One more time, folks, say it with me, IDIOT!!!
Almost time for feeding again and then it's off to sleep!!!! Love to you all!!


Andria said...

oh my furiousness!!! What "IDIOT" would do such a thing as to enter an NICU like that? And to put your babies and ALL of those in special care exposed to it and having to be medicated on top of all other issues these little ones face!

Oh, I can't believe that! I'm sure that is news that any parent wants to hear when visiting their loved ones. Just awful.

I pray that everyone stays healthy and the meds go down easily!

Kel Tuf said...

Girl, I will say it with you, IDIOT!

KSDallas said...

IDIOT!!!! What a moron. EVERYONE knows you don't go near an ICU or NICU if you aren't 100%. Even my 13 year old knows that!

The good thing is your babies are coming home. That is so wonderful. Please do keep us posted!

All the best from TX...


jag said...

Of course, I will say prayers for Avery and all the babies in her pod. I am so excited that Cannon is going to join you at home.