Sunday, September 21, 2008

Update - Someone's Coming Home

Guess what?!? The Gun-Man will make his appearance at the Cochran house one day this week!!! The boys started trying to bottle feed this week and, well, Gunner said he didn't want to try it, he just wanted to do it!!! Within two days of "trying" he was getting a bottle at every feed!! Cannon is getting a bottle for every other feed. The only milestone Gunner had left was to get his canula out and they were going to try that on Wednesday of this week, but Gunner didn't like that idea!! He decided Saturday was the day to try it and just kept taking it out of his nose. The nurse noticed that his stats didn't drop so she just took it off!! It's amazing to see his little face with nothing taped on it!! Oh, I didn't mention that since the last post he broke 4 pounds and was put in a crib! Now he's at 4 pounds, 6 ounces! Can you say oink, oink!! I was giving him his bottle today and I asked the nurse, when do you think he'll come home? She said with no hesitation, when is your CPR class, I said, Wednesday, she said, well, Wednesday!! I was so shocked I couldn't speak!! Well, any of you that know me know that isn't true.. I said, in my best Hannah Noelle voice, Holy Smokes!! He still has to be circumcised and pass his car seat test and then it's full speed ahead for the Gun-Man! Who would have ever thought the one that had to be intubated would be the first home!?!
Cannon is doing well also, but has not hit 4 pounds yet. He will probably do that sometime this week and he'll be in an open crib. Once he does that and starts complete bottle feeds we'll be getting ready to welcome him home!!!
Lauren is doing great as well! We had such a scare with her last week with her PDA, but she has decided that wasn't worth getting all worked up over! She is on canula, will start bottle feeding this week and then, who knows!! Her heart murmur is still there, but it's not bothering her at all. She is over 3 pounds, so she is in clothes now too!!
Avery is also doing amazingly well!! She was on a bump rate of oxygen with her CPAP when Matt and I were there Tuesday and when I got there Wednesday I walked in and starting talking with her nurse before I looked over at her and I said, is she still on a bump rate and she said, I don't know, you look and see. I thought, really, you don't know!!! Well, I turned around and there was no CPAP she was on air canula!! GO Ava-Ave GO!! She hit three pounds the day after her sister so she is now officially borrowing clothes from her! Let the fun begin!!!
Just in case you want an update on all the nicknames they have been given, here they are..... straight from the mouth of a 3 1/2 year old!
Cannon - Can-Man, C-Man, Dude, Cannie, Can-Can
Gunner - Gun-Man, G-Man, Dude, Gunnie, Gun-Gun
Lauren - Laura-Laur, Laurie, Laura-Kate
Avery - Ava-Ave, Avie
And she likes to call them "The Quads" too! It's pretty funny to hear her say that!!

Special thanks to the Tubre's for inviting us to the Cupcakes birthday party! Hannah Noelle opened the invitation last week and went crazy with excitement! Matt and I discussed it and decided we should go not only so we could see the Cakes, but because in two months when all four of ours are on HN's nerves we can say, they'll be big like Abbey, Tyger, Cullen & Emma one day, remember how fun they were!! She slept the whole way to Baton Rouge and we woke her up as we turned off the interstate! She started chanting Hoo-Shoo-Too as we turned on their road!!! We had a blast! I hope I'm as organized as Jac was for the Muffin's birthday!! Oh, and as well dressed I might add!! Jac, you HAVE to post a pic of your shoes! If for no one else, I know Moni will appreciate them!! The Cakes were even more amazing in person!! Thanks for sharing that special day with us Jac and Torrey!!

I will post more when we get more details on Gunner's release from the NICU!! Keep us in your prayers, the real fun is just beginning!!!!!!!! Love to you all!!


Wendy said...

HAYLUYUR! So glad he gets to make his entry! Keep us posted and we'll keep praying!

Wendy Copeland

jag said...

Congrats on all the great news! How exciting to be bringing Gunner home! Can't wait for those pics.

Moni Graf said...

Yay, Gunner! Sandra, it sounds like everyone's doing AMAZING and I'm so happy to hear their progress.

I always loved it when we got to the NICU and found a "surprise" like no CPAP with one of the babies. It's a BIG deal!

Glad you got to make it to the Tubre party with HN. Now I'm dying to see Jac's shoes. In fact, I'm gonna start demanding more pictures of her, period. I know it's hard when you're the one taking all the shots, though.

Talk to ya later!


Tiffy's World said...

What amazing news! Thanks for sharing all the details. I'm so excited for ya'll and know that you just can't wait. So proud of ya'll. We'll keep praying!
Tiffany Lamey

Tammy Cope said...
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Tubre Quads said...

Woohoo! Is the big guy home? Thanks so much for coming to the Cakes B-day party! You are such a sweeting and little HN is just adorable.

Love you,

Paula said...

Hello Cochran Family: Glad to hear everyone is continually improving...I hear from you daily through the daycare. Katlyn will come home and say, "Nana, did you know the boys are "beating" the girls?" Or that Gun-Man has come home, etc. It is so cute. Sandra, I'm sincere, please let me know when and if I can help you in any way. Love to all. Paula