Friday, October 3, 2008

Sweet Home Mississippi!!

Hello Everyone!! We've had two babies home since Tuesday and it has been controlled chaos! We are so happy to have the boys home and patiently waiting for the girls to join us. We have somewhat devised a schedule and so far it's working great! We have feeding time down to a science for two, 17 minutes of science actually. What scares me is that 17 minutes is for two diaper changes, 40 cc's each and two burps each. In the next month we'll be doubling the amount of diaper changes, going up on feeds and have more babies to burp. I'm in for over an hour, I'm sure. So, then you figure, an hour to feed and you HAVE to feed them every three hours, so I only have two hours to do everything else. You know what though, laundry can wait, making the beds can wait, when I need sleep, I sleep, when I need baby lovin, I get baby lovin!!
Here's info on everyone!!
Cannon - When released from the NICU he weighed 4 pounds, 6 ounces. Two days later at his 1st doctor's appointment he weighed in at 4 pounds, 10 ounces, yeah, I'm doing something right!! He has some trouble with gas and has reflux. I know, I know, all preemies have some form of reflux, but his is the gut wrenching screaming cry as it comes up reflux. Dr. Gina, whom I ABSOLUTELY LOVE, has put this little man on Zantac and I'm already noticing a difference! ~ So to explain the absolutely love part when talking about their pediatrician, I called today with the 1st of many freak outs because Gunner's monitor kept going off for problems with his breathing. She had the nurse explain a few things to me, talk me off the ledge, reposition him and wala, he was fine. That's not even the good part. She had the nurse call me back to make sure I had her personal contact info in case I needed her over the weekend or at any time. Then about two hours later she called herself to check on the boys and called again tonight to check on them. I must say, there aren't many doctors like her!! We love you Dr. Gina!!! ~ Now, back to updates.

Gunner - Gunner's first visit at the doc he weighed 4 pounds, 10 ounces and six days later at his weight check.....drum roll, please... 5 pounds, 1 ounce! That boy loves his groceries!! He is doing great all the way around and, by far, the most complacent baby I've ever known. I'm knocking on wood as I write this!

Lauren - She has been off the nasal canula for two days now, so we're stepping closer to breaking free from the NICU! She is still a little lazy with her feeds and is not real interested in the bottle. When she does decide to try to take it, it wears her out and they end up putting the rest through her tube. She'll get it all together soon and then she'll be hanging out with her brothers and big sister! As of last check her weight was 3 pounds, 10 ounces.

Avery - She failed her TB test! It's the first and probably last time I'll be happy she failed a test! Go Avery Go!! She will still need to be on the medicine for 3 months as a preventative measure. Let's say it together one more time, IDIOT! (If you didn't get that or are confused about the TB test, read the last post!) Avery is up to 3 pounds, 14 ounces. She is taking a few feeds by bottle, but not ready to give up the feeding tube completely! She is also off of nasal canula! I hate she can't move down to Progressive Care with her sister, she's all alone in Pod 3. I'm sure she's made some friends though! Let say it again, IDIOT!! She can't move out of Pod 3 until she goes home because of that IDIOT! I keep trying to remind myself that no one would intentionally harm these precious babies so I shouldn't call them an Idiot, but I just can't help it!

And Now For The Pictures!!

G-Man breaking free from the NICU!
Gunner's first bath at home!
Cannon busting out of the NICU!Love this picture! They were both looking up at me!! Good job daddy, snapping that shot so fast!
They don't look anything alike, do they?
Gunner resembles Kermit and Cannon resembles a 90-year old man!
They're still beautiful to me, though!!

Wake up, buddy, this is supposed to be our tummy time!!

Hope you all like the pictures of the boys, can't wait to post some of the girls at home! Please leave comments for the boys, I would love to print them and put them in their scrapbooks that their Aunt K-Pae will be making them one day!

Love, The Cochrans!


Terri said...

Sandra,They are absolutely gorgeous ,I'm just in awe everytime i see them,Of course i cry happy tears everytime also.Well we all knew they'd be handsome little guy's,I mean really.I am so HAPPY for your family,Ya'll have really been BLESSED,But just as ya'll have been BLESSED with 5 beautiful angel's,They too have been BLESSED with two of the most AWESOME people that i know to be their parent's.We'll alway's be here if ya'll need us.Love,The Nelson's

Moni Graf said...

Loved the pictures! And they don't look like Kermit or 90-year old mean (although I did laugh out loud when I read that), they look like beautiful, bright-eyed, newborn babies! Way to go Gun-man and Can-man. The boys have bragging rights.

Love from KS,

Moni Graf said...

Dang it....they don't look like "mean" OR men! When will I learn to proof-read BEFORE publishing my comment?!

tarismarie said...

Those are 2 of the most handsome boys I have ever seen in pics and in person!!! And I am proud to say that so far...I can tell them apart!!! Can't wait to meet the girls!!! Give them kisses for me and tell them I love them!!


They look absolutely adorable and I love to read your updates.
Thank you for your info on my blog and I appreciate your time.

Do you have an email I can't contact you if need? Mine is

Thanks so much- Kami

Shelley said...

I loved the pics. I can't believe how much they have grown since I last saw them. Tell the boys Nurse Shelley misses then and give them kisses for me.

Nurse Shelley

Whitney said...

They are soo cute! Congrats! I am so happy for your family, hope all is well. God bless :)
Love, The Hardison's

jag said...

Gunner and Cannon, you are just sooooo handsome! I can't wait to show Miss Jillian! Thank you a million for sharing pics. It made my day.

Tracy said...

the boys are precious!!! Let the laundry wait and enjoy every moment with them, or enjoy a moment o sleep!! Tracy

KSDallas said...

Any one who is not feeling 100% and goes into an NICU is an IDIOT! You can say as many times as you want because it is true. It just amazes me sometimes that people are that stupid. Ok, delete that part the rest is for the boys...

Welcome home Gunner and Cannon! You just made it past the first hurdle life is going to throw at you. And you did a great job at getting past it. Just remember not to pick on your sisters too much. They have to go throw the same hurdle and need their brothers' support.

Love from Dallas


Lindsey said...

Sandra....You are such a great mom! I felt I never had time to do anything once the girls made it out of the hospital and here you are still go girl!!! Those boys are SO precious and such a blessing and look at that hair!! I cant wait to see updated pictures on the beautiful girls and HN too! Keep up the good work, You truly are a GREAT mother! I totally wish you the best and if you ever need anything, please feel free to ask. The girls are in preschool now and I have 3-4 hrs a day to do nothing, so I dont mind helping out when I can. Just PLEASE dont hesitate to ask. I would love to get some baby love! Love ya, Lindsey and the rest of the Broadus family!

Lindsey said...

Now for Cannon and Gunner....
You keep on keepin on boys! You have two of the best people in the whole world for parents and a great big sister!!! You are so lucky to have been born into such a wonderful family!!! Be good for your mama once those sisters come home. God Bless You Always and Keep You both in His Care!! Love you, Lindsey, Craig, Dylan, Drew, Jenna, & Jaedyn Broadus

Jenny said...

they are SO cute. Makes me teary eyed thinking back to those times with our quads. Seems like forever ago. Sounds like you're doing a great job chubbifying those babies!!:) are they on apnea monitors? i thought i saw a cord in one pic. all of ours were on them for about a month at home. A mixed blessing. If there's anything i can help with feel free to email me!:)
jennyhasquads (at)


katlyn said...

i love the pics. there presios love you!!!!! can you tell hanah noelle i said hey!!!

jag said...

So... Miss Jillian took a peak at Gunner and Cannon with me. She was VERY impressed! It's so great that they're both home! Praying for the girls:)

Holly Scarbrough said...

Congratulations on your new addition to your family!!!They are all so beautiful and so is Hannah Noelle!! If you ever need anything let me know!!!!


kol-aid said...

aw they are so cute.alyssa verrett