Thursday, October 9, 2008

Jealous Bones!!

Well, folks, we've had our first sign of jealous bones!! It wasn't as bad as I thought it would be though. Hannah Noelle and Jayce's picture has always been the wallpaper on my sister's phone (Pae-Pae.) Well, Andrea loved the picture from the last post of the boys wrapped up in their towels so she put that as her wallpaper. HN opened her phone this morning and saw the picture. Andrea and I both just sat and stared to see what she would say both realizing at that moment that changing the picture was not such a good idea. I was so proud of what Hannah Noelle said though. She looked at the phone and said, Pae-Pae can I please use your phone for a minute? Andrea said, sure, why? HN said, because I want to take a picture of me with my brothers. That was her sweet and subtle way of saying, how dare you have their picture and not mine. Needless to say, the screen saver is now a picture of two babies being held by their big sister!!!
Cannon (4 pounds, 10 ounces) and Gunner (5 pounds, 4 ounces) are both doing awesome at home. Their apnea monitors have been a huge stress reliever for me. The first few days it was hard to get used to the wires, the beeps, positioning, etc., but now it's peace of mind!! Cannon is on Zantac and Reglan for reflux and it has made a HUGE difference. Gunner is on Zantac and it has also made a difference in the amount of spit up from him.
Lauren should break 4 pounds today or tomorrow and will be put in a crib. She still battles heart rate drops so she is still on her caffeine stimulant. She also has a small hernia which, when she is put in a crib, will be assessed by the surgeon and it will be decided then whether she will require surgery or not. Does this little girl want all the attention or what?!?
Avery is 4 pounds, 5 ounces, can you say chunky monkey?!? She is off of her caffeine stimulant and should be put in a crib sometime today. The medicine they are making all the babies in her Pod take because of the IDIOT with TB causes her to have really loose stools! Just what I needed, a baby that poo's up her back!! All together once again, IDIOT!! She is doing great and we expect her home within the next week or so!
Matt and I are managing very well thanks to my sister and my mom who have been taking night shifts for the last three nights. We shut our door, turn the fan on high and sleep like rocks!! Tonight is our night with the boys so I'm sure they'll decide to throw a party in their crib! We are all in a wedding this weekend, Matt, myself, HN and Andrea. It is going to be exciting to see if Hannah Noelle actually walks down the aisle! My best friend Valerie will be keeping the boys. She said she could do it on her own and didn't need another sitter with her. I can't decide if she's stupid or just really sweet!! Just kidding Valerie, I love you! You're just getting ready for your babies! Yes, for those of you who have been waiting on her results, her IVF was successful and she is expecting one, maybe two babies, we'll know more next Friday. Valerie was actually in the room with Matt and myself when I had the IUI that resulted in my precious babies! She was there for one of her first appointments and she came in to see what it was all about. How funny, my best friend was sitting in my husband's lap when our babies were conceived!! Oh, the stories we can tell!!
I'll post pictures of the wedding and some of the girls after this crazy weekend is over! Oh, did I mention Hannah Noelle's birthday party is Sunday too!?! We decided in June to have it a month early so that maybe all four babies wouldn't be home and because we knew our family would be down for the wedding and they could all join us at the party! She's so excited, but will be way confused when in a month she has a birthday again!!
Any of you that don't read the Tubre's blog,, go check it out and help them sale their house! I don't know that I can survive with out my Cupcake updates!!! Love to you all!!!


Arnold Quads said...

How sweet of that big sister! She will be great with the babies. I have a 7 yr old and a 5 yr old and they love the quads so much. I love reading about your family.

tarismarie said...

Bless her little heart!!! She knows that reverse psychology stuff pretty good!!! Hope your wedding goes good this weekend!! Love you guys!!!!

Tubre Quads said...

I broke down and update ours...I'm such a sucker! I hope life is still crazy wonderful with your boys and beautiful little HN. Wishing the girls home with you soon.


sharon said...

Sounds like everything is coming right along. You are blessed with God's precious gifts! I am so glad that you get to hug'em and squeeze'em now whenever you want! I thought you might like the monitors once you got used to them. Let me know if I can help in anyway.