Thursday, October 16, 2008

YOU ROCK.......


I don't even know where to begin to thank the most awesome nurse in the world!! There are some nurses that I'm not even real sure what their names are, others I wish I didn't know their names, some I'll remember for a month or two and others that will forever have a place in my heart! My relationship with Shelley started when Cannon was moved to Progressive Care. She was his nurse and would always tell me sweet things he had done or facial expressions he made throughout the day when I wasn't there. Then Gunner moved in to PC and she took him under her wing as well. Next was Lauren. I would love it when I would call and ask for one of their nurses and Shelley would answer. It's not your typical answer of, she or he's fine, no new orders, it's, you won't believe the face she just made, you should have smelled the diaper that Gunner had, Cannon is trying to climb out of his isolette. Those moments mean so much to every NICU mom and dad. There have been several photo-ops that we have missed either being home with the boys or before they were home, being here with Hannah Noelle, but Ms. Shelley didn't miss them. She snapped those pictures and e-mailed them to me within hours of getting off work. She is also responsible for letting me hold the boys together for the first time, Cannon and Lauren together and then, today, Avery and Lauren together!!! Nurse Shelley, YOU ROCK!!

Now, for those of you who have been paying close attention to the blog you are probably wondering, how in the world did you get Avery and Lauren together since Avery's Pod has been in isolation. Well, they opened her Pod up and Lauren had to be moved out of PC becuase she had hernia surgery today. Ms. Shelley heard the news and got things in order to get Lauren with her sister. She even made sure their beds were next to each other. Shelley was Lauren's nurse today before and after surgery and my sanity between it all! Lauren is recovering well and looked really good after surgery! Here's a few pictures from Ms. Shelley and some I've taken over the last few days! Enjoy!!!


Moni Graf said...

So glad to hear everything went well with Lauren's surgery and the girls are together again! Also happy to hear of excellent nursing care. Shelley sounds like someone I would want to take care of my kiddos...and someone I'd like to strive to be more like. I know it's SO cliche', but it really does take a special person to be a NICU nurse. Let me rephrase that: It really does take a special person to be an EXCELLENT NICU nurse!

Love from KS,

Anonymous said...


These babies are BEAUTIFUL and each truly developing there unique personalities. I continue to have them in our prayers at home and on our church list. You are very blessed with having a great NICU nurse.

Love you all,

Sharon (Mom to Maryanna, Cliff, and Macey) said...

Oh Sandra I am so glad you have Shelly! I am sure that it is a relief when you are home with the boys to know she is looking after the girls! Soon they will all be under one roof. The babies are looking so healthy and beautiful. I am praying for all of you guys...Dad too! I started a blog here. You and the Tubre family have inspired me and I am following you both!

jag said...

They are beautiful! I am so glad you have a nurse that had made such a positive impact. Reading your discripition of Shelly made me think of of our primary nurse. I absolutely love the picture of Avery with the wild hair. Was that a post bath pic? There's something so sweet about their hair after bathtime. We're thinking of you guys. Hugs!

tarismarie said...

That's so wonderful!!! I'm so glad the muffins have someone loving on them while they are away from you and Matt. I FREAKIN' love Avery's hair shot!!! That's awesome!!! Love to you all!!!!!