Sunday, August 21, 2011

My Lauren

Phone 958 Wearing her daddy’s new teams’ hat!Phone 980 First day of dance!!!!Phone 1016 The many “are you serious, mom” faces!Phone 1099 And here is another one of those faces!Phone 1111 Taking a nap with Jimbo! Phone 1126 This is “THE HAT!!!” We have difficulty going anywhere or doing anything without this hat! Phone 1136

Sweet Lauren!!!!


celia said...

I is so refreshing to see kids properly restrained in their car seats. I would point out that their straps need to be at or above their shoulders if they are forward facing!

Beth said...

I love 'the hat'! She is adorable in it.

I have to say that last picture made me terribly jealous. We are trying to be finished with diapers before the crew turns three (9/8), but right now things aren't looking too promising.

Glad to see your family around again!

Elyse said...

Oh so beautiful!! Lauren totally rocks!!

Anonymous said...

This one might be your mini me :)

Anonymous said...

So sweet.. she is such a cutie pie