Tuesday, August 23, 2011

My Avery

Phone 940 A little mud never hurt anybody…. RIGHT?Phone 030 At Pump it Up with Sissy!Phone 695 First Day of dancePhone 729 Wiping the Cheetos off of her fingers getting ready for yet another finger prick! She was so used to them by the time we were discharged, they would walk in the room and she would stick her pointer finger up in the air.Phone 738 At Pump it Up with Sissy, again.Phone 748I told Avery the bucket was for her to put her blanket in at school….. This was her interpretation of that!  Phone 806 Crazy hair after the first EEG. Phone 802Amazingly, she is not sedated in this picture, she was just that calm and relaxed for her second EEG.  I think she knew the alternative was being held down and having to make the 3 hour drive another day! She was such a trooper!

*** Avery has had two seizures over the course of the last year.  Both have been complex (meaning they last longer than normal) and her “reboot” time (time to come back full circle) lasts several, several hours.  We are now seeing a specialist in Jackson, Mississippi and we are very pleased with the options we were presented with and we have chosen for her care.  Continued prayers would be appreciated!


Elyse said...

Precious Avery! Sandra, you have beautiful and crazy kiddos! Love it!!

Anonymous said...

I have never posted before (I'm a friend of Billy and Moni's) Your kids are so adorable. We are currently having seizure issues with my 16 year son - he has 4 since March - his do not last long (max has been 2 min and each has decreased in time)and his 'reboot" time has gone from 30 min to 5 min we are getting a second opinion this week as feel are not happy with his treatment and medication. I will keep Avery in my prayers!


Anonymous said...

Love the mud picture.. that's something my girls would do. I will keep her in my prayers.