Saturday, April 3, 2010

Never Say Never

I can vividly remember my mom putting my hair in foam rollers on Saturday nights and screaming at her, I’ll never do this to my kids!2010-04-03Well, Mom, I eat my words!
Both little girls have my naturally nappy hair and since I can’t put the massive amount of product that I use on my hair in their hair, I took option #2.  They don’t seem to be too bothered by it and I’m sure they’ll all be out in the morning when I go to get them dressed!
We’re headed to church bright and early in the morning and then to spend the day with family!
And I must share a special text I got from Matt today….. it said, Hannah Noelle just said do you remember the day Jesus came out of the cave? That’s the day we celebrate Easter!
It sure feels good to know that I’m doing something right as a parent!

Have a Happy Easter


Charity Donovan said...

So precious! I had forgotten about foam grandma used to put them in our hair. Too funny! I love HN...such a doll! You are an amazing momma!!

Leasa said...

girl! You do LOTS of things right as a parent! I wish that I could do HALF the job with my ONE that you do with your FIVE!!!! You are an inspiration to me!!!! I love you friend!

Anonymous said...

Good pictures but good luck with the dentist bills from thumb sucking.

Stephanie said...

You sure are doing a great job at parenting (even putting rollers in their hair! lol)
Hope you all have a great Easter!!
Cant wait to hear how their hair turned out!

Jac Tubre said...

I just caught up on your has been far too long! The kiddos are adorable as usual!

You are one awesome momma!

Love you- Jac

Kami Lambe said...

Uggh! I used to hate those things too, but they sure do make a little girl look pretty! Hope y'all have a wonderful Easter together!
Love ya,

p.s. pretty cool that HN gets it! You are an awesome momma!

Lauren said...

I told my mom the same thing! I'll probably think differently when I have a little girl too! I can't wait to see pictures of the kiddos all dressed up for Easter church. I'm sure they were all precious.

Gen McNulty said...

Girl! I do the same thing to my three little ladies!! Not all the time but when they were princesses for Halloween and when we did a photo shoot. Works like a charm!

I love you!

Jeremi said...

Ha, I did a post on these rollers a few weeks ago! My sister and I wore them to bed ALL the time, I remember them being somewhat uncomfortable but I have fun memories from back then. When I put them in my daughter's hair, different story. They loved the process but the curlers only last 10 minutes once they got in bed! Ha : )

Your family is inspiring! I keep hopping with only twins -- beautiful kids : )

Visiting from M&M

Safire said...

Hehe...we used those rollers too! I have memories of pretending to be asleep while my mom rolled my hair up. She put a dab of gel on each group of hair before she rolled it and it took like a charm. Works with my daughter's hair too, even though it's stick straight otherwise.

Our life is a bowl of Barry's said...

Here from the multiples and more cute with the rollers! My little girl (only one out of 5 kids) has stick straight hair and we use these a couple times during the week. I bet when their hair gets longer it'll work better (saw the easter post)!! God Bless you with those quads and singleton!! I have two sets of twins and a singleton.....