Thursday, April 1, 2010

The Zoo

Yep, that was the best title I could come up with!
We headed out at 8:15 9:20 for a spring break trip to the
New Orleans Audubon Zoo
15 minutes into the trip Cannon had a melt down and
Hannah Noelle said, mommy, look at Gunner!IMGP4495Dude had the right idea! Plug those ears up and block out the noise! He rode like this for a good 20 minutes!IMGP4496  Within 5 minutes of being there, we had our picture taken twice that we saw and probably 10 times we didn’t see.  And we heard the whispers of look, two sets of twins, qua-triplets and my personal favorite ever, Look at the Four-Flets!
As you can see though, we came to the zoo to see animals!
Mr. Chad (my best friend) and his son, Gage, came with us to the zoo and we had a blast!! HN was so happy to have someone to wander around with and Chad keeping an eye on them made it easier for Matt and I to be able to tag team the questions coming from both directions about the babies! We’ve gotten really great at both answering the questions at the same time with different answers, which leaves everyone even more confused that when they first saw us!Zoo2ZooThe babies were AHHHHMMMAZING! We were there for 5 hours and never once got them out of the stroller.  Yes, I just told on myself that I did not change the first diaper the whole time we were there.  When we had our picnic lunch I said, let’s get them out and Matt said, why mess up a good thing.  Good thinking Matthew! They were absolute ANGELS!Zoo1Lauren saw every animal! She could spot them 
from yards away!     IMGP4502Cannon would call them towards him..
Keettty Katt, Keetttty KatIMGP4505Sometimes the glances from far away were the best.IMGP4503IMGP4545 Avery liked the ones that didn’t move the best!IMGP4514    And have I told you lately what an awesome husband I have?
IMGP4523I caught him playing pee-pie with the babies behind his hat while Hannah Noelle and I were “browsing” in the Gift Shop.

When we got back to the van we realized we had left the rear passenger door open the entire time we were inside! Thank goodness nothing was touched or stolen!
I can’t wait to go back to the zoo next year! IMGP4575
Have a Great Week and Happy Easter!


Suzanne said...

gunner! i hear ya, man! (cracks me up!) SO glad you guys got some sunshine at the zoo! such a fun outting (although you totally feel like a zoo exhibit!) the kiddies are uh-DOR-able...

love you, red!

Charity Donovan said...

So fun! I love those bows!!! And HN w/ that snake...hilarious! Love you!

Margaret said...

What fun!

Lauren said...

What a FUN day! I'm so glad there were no meltdowns too! SCORE! The kids are getting so big, and are as cute as ever.

That makes me laugh every time you list out what the quads are called. qua-triplets?? Really??

Anonymous said...

SOOO glad you guys had a great time!
Gunner, what a smart boy! Trey does the same thing.

Kami Lambe said...

What a beautiful day at the zoo! I'm glad y'all had such a great time...and good to know about how well they did staying in the stroller the whole time! I can't wait til we can go too!


Angela said...

Too fun and love the bright colored shirts and hair pretties! Have a very happy Easter!

Amber said...

I stopped by from the Mulitples and More Blog. You have the cutest kids. Glad you had a good time at the Zoo.

JO said...

I am so glad to hear you say "pee-pie". I call peek a boo that too and everyone up here makes fun of me. LOL.

Glad you had a great time - love the bows! My kiddos were always good about being in the stroller too (most of the time).


Lani said...

haha! I have totally left our van door open while on an outing with the kids before. Thankfully we've been lucky too!

Looks like a great day:)

Stephanie said...

Oh goodness..what a fun day!!
Four-flets..thats hilarious!!!
I guess I'm so used to quads now after meeting all of you on here, that I cant imagine sneaking of pictures! I guess yall were there to see the animals, but some were there to see you! ha

Missy (Two Little Monkeys) said...

I am hopping over from M&M and I love your blog. You have a beautiful family so glad you all had a great time at the zoo.
Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!

Christina said...

Stopping by from Multiples and More. Your family is precious! New follower. :)

Jen said...

Looks like you all had a GREAT time. Sooooo cute:)

Gen McNulty said...

GREAT GREAT GREAT PICTURES!! And what a fun day.

Love you all! Sorry I'm so behind.