Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Need Some Exercise?

IMGP4400 Walk a Mile Block in Our Shoes!

Think before you speak!

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Following HIM said...

Let me guess you got another one of those comments and Gen is going to have to come do smackdowns right?! Love ya sweet woman!

Gen McNulty said...

I just snorted!

I freaking LOVE you!!!

So true. If only we stay at home moms had time for bonbons and Oprah! ;)


The Murray Crew said...

We need to exchange stories.
Mine involved a video stalker.


It's worth it to GET OUT, though, right?

Charity Donovan said...

As if I could love you anymore! Crack me up! Do share the details woman so we can collectively kick some booty!!!

Anonymous said...

Ugh Oh! I hope everything is ok! And I love the pictures of yall's shoes!!!

And, for the record, you crack me up!


King Quads said...

First of all..I just got done taking pictures of our WINTER BOOTS by the door last week and you have to go and post this? Really? Seriously? Way to rub in the sandals (which are adorable). Sheesh!

I love you and your honesty. Your kids have one awesome mama.

You can run circles around most moms - and that's wearing those cute shoes too!

Adorable picture, although I am hoping nobody said anything mean to you.

Stephanie said...

I sure hope nothing mean was said to you :(
I can help kick some booty if needed!
I couldnt say enough positive things about ALL of my wonderful quad momma friends!!
Love the pic by the way!!

Jen said...

Sandra, we were out at the beach today, soooo beautiful. I DO hope we get to meet up soon. Hope the weather is here to stay!!

Jac Tubre said...

Haha! Love it! Yeah, there are definitely days where I would love to give people a lesson in common courtesy!

Love you!

Anonymous said...

Girl, AMEN!
Im sorry some people just cant seem to understand. Some never will.
I love your attitude. I love you women!!!!